Xerox Scan-to-Email Saves Valuable Time in the Office

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Have you tried using your company's Xerox multifunction printers to send email? The scan-to-email feature found on select Xerox devices and is easy to use and secure.

You may be wondering why anyone would want to send an email from their office multifunction printers when the same function is available on other devices. Here's why.

Scan to Email to Save Time

Xerox multifunction printers with scan-to-email features are valuable time-savers in the office technology line-up.

  • Scan and email hard copy documents without first scanning them to a computer.
  • Scan and email pages from a magazine or book.
  • Email documents saved on the MFP hard drive.
  • Access data saved in document management systems and email directly to colleagues.

How to Use Scan-to-Email

The scan-to-email feature on Xerox multifunction printers is simple to use. Here's a step-by-step look at the process.

  1. Access the contact list already saved on the device or add one or more new recipients.
  2. Choose one or two-sided scanning and create a file name.
  3. Choose a file format from a variety of options. A searchable PDF option is also available.
  4. Select a page layout, size, and resolution.
  5. Select the scan icon. The multifunction printer will create the file and, if selected, run an OCR feature to make the file searchable.
  6. The multifunction printer will create an attachment, and the email will appear in the recipient's inbox within moments.

To find out if a scan-to-email feature is included on your company's Xerox multifunction printers, access the Xerox support page. Your company IT personnel or a system administrator can set up your scan-to-email feature in a few minutes. Once installed, Xerox scan-to-email is a streamlined process that's secure and user-friendly.

Are you using all of the time-saving features found on your Xerox multifunction printers? To find out more, contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

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App Support for Xerox Users

Are you missing out on some valuable features and apps available for your Xerox multifunction copiers and printers? Some solutions are free of charge and others may be available for purchase through your technology provider.

In some cases, a separate KB is available on the Xerox support and drivers page for troubleshooting and valuable user tips to help you get the most from your apps and supporting software. Here are a few solutions you may want to consider.

  1. Xerox User Analytics — Want to know who's printing what with your copiers? Xerox User Analytics provides valuable printing data, helping administrators identify users, departments, date and time, and file type. Add this useful solution to your copiers if your goal is to reduce company print volumes, pinpoint print-related productivity bottlenecks, enhance document security or gain insight into user habits.
  2. AirPrint for Xerox ConnectKey — Apple device users will appreciate this driverless printing technology that allows for seamless printing to your Xerox ConnectKey device. Apple users can print securely without downloading software or installing drivers.
  3. Mopria Print Service — Android users get no-fuss printing to Xerox copiers and printers with Mopria Print Service. This industry-wide solution comes pre-installed on many Android devices.
  4. DocuShare — Do your employees need a tool to help them become more efficient? This cloud-based enterprise content management system can help them better manage your business documents.
  5. FreeFlow Web Services — Give your customers round-the-cloud access to your company's services without adding additional staffing. FreeFlow Web Services centralizes and automates the entire ordering process, including website, phone, walk-in, and fax orders.

Your Xerox copiers provide exceptional convenience and functionality for a wide variety of printing, copying, and workflow applications. For help finding the right Xerox copiers and features for your company's unique requirements, get in touch with a team member at Premier Office Systems today!

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3 Steps to Improved Document Management Strategies

document management

A robust document management strategy can help your organization gain new efficiencies, reduce costs, and boost security. No matter how effective your system, however, every document management strategy requires some input from its users.

Here are some common errors that could put your organizational information at risk.

1. Not Scanning Documents Immediately

Your document management system is of no value to you if documents are left to languish on desks or stashed in departmental in-boxes for weeks on end. Documents that are left in physical formats or attached to emails are vulnerable to loss, theft, or physical damage. Make it company policy to scan incoming documents as soon as they come into your possession. They'll be well protected in your document management system and can be immediately routed to your workflows for further processing.

2. Neglecting to Backup Your Data

It's not enough to back up your files using on-site solutions. If disaster strikes your business or someone breaks in and steals your computers, you would have no way to access your files. In the case of theft, your information would also be wide open to fraudulent activities. Moving and backing up your data to the cloud with a document management system means you're protected no matter what happens.

3. Using a System with Security Vulnerabilities

Securing your office in 2019 and beyond means more than just putting a lock on the front door. Threats to your company's well-being are more likely to come from hackers and malware than ever before. Xerox document management systems and multifunction printers deploy McAfee and Cisco security solutions to lock down your documents and make them inaccessible to unauthorized persons.

Are your document management strategies strong enough to meet emerging threats? Contact us at Premier Office Systems to discuss the many ways we can help today!

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Selecting the Right Laser Printers for Your Office

laser printer in office

With the onset of a new year, you may be considering new laser printers for your organization. Before you make your selection, here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Choose Your Features Carefully

Xerox laser printers offer organizations a wide variety of features from which to choose. Here's a look at a few of the available capabilities.

  • Color printing — Why restrict your office to black-and-white documents when Xerox color laser printers can give you access to low-cost color printing in-house? High speeds, impressive resolutions, and color-matching software rival professional outsourcing, and accountability features make it easy to restrict color printing to mission-critical use only.
  • Built-in networking — Let your employees tap into your laser printers with their mobile devices with anytime/anywhere convenience and security.
  • Storage — Store frequently-printed files directly on the device.
  • Printer management software — Install, troubleshoot and keep tabs on job status from your web browser.
  • Bi-directional communication — Xerox laser printers let users check toner supply levels and print job status directly from the device front panel or the web.
  • Save paper — Automatic duplexing is a convenient, efficient way to reduce paper consumption.
  • Secure printing — Xerox Secure Print holds print jobs until users are present to enter a PIN on the device. Hard drive overwrite features shred stored data automatically or by request.

Match Printer Capacity to Your Requirements

Your organization's requirements will help determine which of the Xerox line-up of laser printers is right for you. Select from a variety of trays and capacities, sheet feeders, output speeds, and paper sizes for the best match for your organization. A Xerox managed print assessment can help you determine these and other metrics.

Ready to learn more about Xerox laser printers? Contact the team at Premier Office Systems for an informative demonstration today!

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Help Finding the Right Multifunction Printers for Your CPA Office

two people going over paperwork at desk

Technology has brought about dramatic changes in nearly every sector, and accounting firms are a part of the transformation. Relying solely on paper-based processes is no longer a viable option, and progressive companies are eager to adopt digital alternatives. Paper still holds a place, however, and the right technology can provide access to both paper and electronic processes.

Keep Up with a Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers are the perfect solution for accounting firms as they look to adopt the latest digital document management solutions. Multifunction printers provide printing, copying, faxing and scanning capabilities from one convenient location. Here's what to look for when choosing one for your firm.

User-Friendly Functionality

Multifunction printers are essentially computers that also copy and print documents. The features included on the latest high-performing devices can be accessed through intuitive, touchscreen interfaces. Leading manufacturers understanding that the best solutions require little in the way of IT intervention, so they've streamlined the end-user process for out-of-the-box functionality.

For help choosing the right system for your company, ask for a demonstration of the user interface. Look for devices that reduce the number of clicks to access basic functions and uncomplicated solutions for customizing and automating repetitive processes.

Advanced Security Features

The accounting industry has always understood the need for strict security policies, but recent changes in the law combined with new technology-related vulnerabilities have changed the landscape dramatically.

To address your ongoing security challenges, partner with industry-leading technology partners like Xerox, Cisco, and McAfee. The right document management system and multifunction printers can work in tandem to address ongoing security threats.

The right multifunction printers for your accounting firm will match your document output, provide next-level security solutions, and give you access to digital document management processes. For help finding out more about the latest solutions from Xerox multifunction printers, contact us at Premier Office Systems today.

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Is Now a Good Time to Upgrade Your Copiers?


Not sure whether you should consider swapping out your copiers for newer models? The timing for upgrading your copiers depends on a variety of factors, and while you should try to get the highest possible return on your investment, at some point replacement is a better use of your resources.

Here's a look at what to consider when deciding whether to upgrade now or hang onto your current office copiers a little while longer.

  1. Is the monthly duty cycle still right for your needs? Your print volumes may be much higher than they were when you first purchased or leased your equipment. Manufacturers specify monthly print guidelines to help you get the most value from your investment. If you've been consistently operating your copiers at maximum capacity or over, they won't last as long as they should. It may be better to upgrade to a device better suited for your current requirements. You may even be able to relocate your old copier to a department with lower monthly printing requirements to squeeze a little more value from your investment. For help determining your print volumes, schedule a Xerox Managed Print Services assessment.
  2. Is your copier operating according to your expectations? Copier downtime isn't good for your workflows, and it's not great for your expense accounts, either. If your current copiers are experiencing breakdowns more often than you'd like, it's time to consider an upgrade.
  3. Does your copier have the features you need? If it's been a few years since you upgraded your copiers, there may be new technologies that could help you accomplish daily tasks with greater efficiency. The latest copiers include powerful document capture and management capabilities that could support your current needs very nicely.

For help selecting the right copiers for your organization's specific needs, get in touch with us at Premier Office Systems today!

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Tuesday Tips: Get More Work Done with Mobile Solutions

Tuesday Tips

It’s no secret that the Internet, smartphones and other advances in technology have changed the way we live our lives. These advances have greatly improved the way we work as well.

With mobile printing solutions from Xerox, you can get more work done even while you’re away from the office. Here are some ways your business can benefit from these products.

Access Your Information Remotely

Mobile printing solutions give you the ability to access your network from a laptop, smartphone or tablet. You just need an Internet connection to retrieve the information you need.

Print Documents While You’re Offsite

Getting hard copies of your files while you’re on the go doesn’t need to be a hassle either. Xerox’s mobile solutions enable you to locate and connect with printers that aren’t on your network. Once you’ve connected your mobile device with an offsite printer, you can use it to print files saved on your network.

Keep Your Information Secure

Of course, companies don’t just need to worry about accessing their information. For many businesses, protecting that information from unauthorized users is also a major concern.

Xerox mobile printing solutions make it easy to keep your information secure when you access it remotely. You can set restrictions to prevent documents from printing until you’re at the device.

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Tuesday Tip

How the Cloud Makes Your IT Operations More Agile

Document Management

The hottest word in software development used to be "agile," but don't let its decline trendiness fool you. Agile operations is no longer a buzzword for IT departments; it's an expectation. Operations teams are expected to deliver quickly, fluidly, accurately, and with increased flexibility every day due to the agile movement.

At times, existing IT infrastructure can get in the way of agile deployment and testing, making your job ten times harder. Leveraging cloud architecture can remove the obstacles of existing infrastructure and enhance your team's agility.

How the Cloud Makes You More Agile

One of the best examples of how the cloud can benefit an IT department is in development. When development efforts begin, the development team doesn't have to wait for servers and databases; they can simply start with cloud environment tools to get begin deployment immediately. This takes pressure off of the operations team for provisioning efforts and frees up the operations team for other value-adding tasks.

The operations team should focus on things that bring value to the company, such as monitoring, performance enhancements, resolving issues, network security, and working with cloud and IT solutions vendors.

Agile Software Development is the Norm

There's no doubt that it's not an option anymore for software development to be agile; it's the rule, not the exception. For IT departments in every company, the cloud is becoming a more integral tool than ever before for provisioning, increasing testing speed, and faster deployments.

For information about IT solutions, contact us today.

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Are You Using Your Scanner to Its Full Potential?

Office Equipment

Documents are unwieldy beasts in the office. You have to capture, contact, store, organization, secure, and organize them on a regular basis. This takes manpower, money, and time, and you've probably already experienced that these resources can be in short supply in any company.

Scanning can simplify your document processes, especially if you use it in conjunction with an electronic document management system. Scanning is a simple process that has been around for quite some time, but many companies look past the benefits of this simple technology.

The Benefits of Scanning

Scanning documents is a simple process but a sophisticated technology, and the hardware or software you use to scan can vary drastically. Scanning can benefit your company in many ways, including:

  • Lower storage costs and more office space
  • Lower distribution costs
  • Better control and protection over data
  • Easier information accessibility
  • Accurate and simple regulatory compliance
  • Better customer service
  • Simpler collaboration across platforms

Scanning can bring your company a new level of productivity simply by making paper documents into electronic documents.

How Scanning Works

As mentioned before, scanning can take many forms. You can use a traditional standalone scanner, a printer scanner, or even a smartphone. Here's a quick overview of the kind of scanners readily available to companies.

  • Faxing: Faxing turns a paper document into digital information and back into a paper document on the other end, but admittedly loses some of the image quality along the way.
  • Smartphone image capture: Every smartphone can be a scanner these days with easy-to-download apps, making it simple to track documents and expense receipts.
  • Copier/MFP: Copiers and multifunction printers almost all come with scanning functionality these days.
  • Scanner: A standalone scanner is a good option for large volumes of scanning on a regular basis.

To learn more about how scanning can benefit your company, contact us today.

Document Scanning Las Vegas

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Tuesday Tip: Take Your Documents Digital

Tuesday Tips

Some organizations can take a certain comfort or sense of security from handling paper files. In a way, this makes sense. After all, people have used physical documents of some form or another for centuries.

However, that sense of security can prove deceptive. Thanks to technological advances such as document management software, converting your paper documents to electronic formats can help ensure that things run smoothly in your office. Here are some reasons why you should consider going digital with your documents.

1) Less Lost Information

Storing documents in file cabinets has its risks. Someone could misplace one of your files or damage it by accident, which could hinder you from finding some crucial piece of information when you need it.

A document management system helps you eliminate those risks. You’ll be able to save your information and retrieve it quickly whenever you need to do so. You can also protect your documents from theft better.

2) Increased Efficiency

Saving information on your network allows your employees to access it easier. In turn, this will enable them to get more work done. This boost in efficiency will benefit your bottom line.

3) Less Environmental Impact

When you don’t need to print as many documents, you use up much less paper, toner and energy. By reducing printing waste, document management enables you to reduce your carbon footprint. You’ll make your processes more environmentally conscientious with hardly any effort.

4) Greater Information Security

For some industries, information security can be a major concern. Regulations may require you to keep records strictly private or confidential. With a document management system, you can monitor and restrict access to documents stored on your network. You’ll meet compliance requirements and protect yourself from potential legal penalties.

Document Scanning Las Vegas

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Tuesday Tip
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