3 Steps to Improved Document Management Strategies

document management

A robust document management strategy can help your organization gain new efficiencies, reduce costs, and boost security. No matter how effective your system, however, every document management strategy requires some input from its users.

Here are some common errors that could put your organizational information at risk.

1. Not Scanning Documents Immediately

Your document management system is of no value to you if documents are left to languish on desks or stashed in departmental in-boxes for weeks on end. Documents that are left in physical formats or attached to emails are vulnerable to loss, theft, or physical damage. Make it company policy to scan incoming documents as soon as they come into your possession. They'll be well protected in your document management system and can be immediately routed to your workflows for further processing.

2. Neglecting to Backup Your Data

It's not enough to back up your files using on-site solutions. If disaster strikes your business or someone breaks in and steals your computers, you would have no way to access your files. In the case of theft, your information would also be wide open to fraudulent activities. Moving and backing up your data to the cloud with a document management system means you're protected no matter what happens.

3. Using a System with Security Vulnerabilities

Securing your office in 2019 and beyond means more than just putting a lock on the front door. Threats to your company's well-being are more likely to come from hackers and malware than ever before. Xerox document management systems and multifunction printers deploy McAfee and Cisco security solutions to lock down your documents and make them inaccessible to unauthorized persons.

Are your document management strategies strong enough to meet emerging threats? Contact us at Premier Office Systems to discuss the many ways we can help today!

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