Copier or Multifunction Printer?

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When it's time to upgrade your office equipment, your choice can make a lot of difference in your day-to-day workflows. For some businesses, a photocopier is the right choice. Others may have networking requirements, making a multifunction printer a better option. With many overlapping properties, the biggest difference may be in size and features, which vary by manufacturer and device. Analyzing your requirements can help narrow down the available choices for a perfect fit. For example:

  • How many people will use the device?
  • What are your performance requirements (speed and volume)?
  • Do you need networking capabilities?

The Copier

Copiers do exactly what the name implies--copy documents. Users can make single or multiple copies of a single page. Some larger copiers can accommodate multiple paper sizes at once using a series of paper trays, and may feature advanced finishing options like stapling, binding and 3-hole punching. For businesses wishing to copy single documents, a copier is a good option. For high volumes, a digital printing press may be the best choice.

The Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers feature four functions in one deviceÑcopy, print, scan and fax--and are the best option for multiple users. MFPs can enhance office workflows by turning paper processes into digital formats, like scan and send directly to network users, operating systems, or cloud repositories.

The multifunction printer's strongest advantage comes in the form of multiple capabilities in a small amount of space. Some models feature advanced finishing capabilities for professional results in-house, built-in green technologies to save paper and consumables, enhanced security both on the device and during sharing, and plenty of power for high page-per-minute results.

Whatever your office equipment needs, Premier Office Systems can help you find the perfect fit. Contact us today for more information.

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