Document Management Advantages for SMBs

document management

Can your small business save time and money with a document management system? Definitely, and that's just the beginning of the benefits. Here's a look at some of the ways electronic document management can bring dramatic changes to your business processes.

More Time to Manage Your Business

When your team is spending too much of their day managing paper, they're not managing your business. Inefficient document storage solutions can keep your team running in circles to locate information. Instead of wasting hours every day searching for documents in steel filing cabinets or complex file hierarchies, your employees can locate them in a few seconds with a keyword search feature.

Lower Security Risks

There's never been a risk-free way to secure paper documents, and information stored on computer hard drives is at risk of theft, hardware failure or damage caused by fire, flood, or natural disaster. A document management system provides your company with a secure storage solution for all of your business records. Digital backups protect your collective knowledge and provide disaster recovery and business continuity solutions as protection against cyberattacks or other disasters. Authentication protocols and permissions prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to protected files.

Lower Operating Costs

Printing costs can run as high as 3% of annual revenues. Electronic document management reduces your need for printing along with the required storage solutions. You'll spend less money on paper, equipment, and toner, and have more office space for mission-critical projects.

Mobile Access

Document management gives your employees anytime/anywhere access to your information. Improve collaboration, provide mobile printing solutions, and give employees the freedom to better manage their time.

There's more to learn about the benefits of our document management systems. Contact us at Premier Office Systems to talk with a representative today!

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