End of Year Tuesday Tips #4: How to Boost Productivity in the New Year

Tuesday Tips

Lots of people make New Year’s resolutions. They tell themselves that they’ll do things like exercise more, eat better, stop smoking or learn some new skill. The same basic desire lies at the heart of all these resolutions: People want to make themselves better.

In a way, this month’s blogs have all shown you how to make some New Year’s resolutions for your business. We’ve given you steps for assessing the current state of your business and planning out how to make improvements. Last week, we looked at ways to lower your expenses. In this final blog of the year, we’ll give you some tips for increasing your productivity.

Streamline Workflows with Multifunction Devices

Advances in office technology have made it easy to multitask and tighten up your workflows. Multifunction printers (or MFPs), for instance, enable you to not just print flawless documents quickly and but also scan them. Once you’ve captured a document, many models allow you to fax it, email it or store it on your network directly from the device.

Go Digital with Document Management Solutions

Implementing a document management solution can help optimize your company’s productivity as well. You can integrate them with MFPs on your network to analyze scanned documents and route them automatically to appropriate locations and personnel.

In addition to these features, document management software allows you to rely less on paper files. You can store information electronically and retrieve it easily whenever you have a need for it. You’ll be able to reduce storage costs and get work done much faster.

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