Get Affordable, Sustainable, Stunning Color Printing with Xerox Solid Ink Technology

Xerox Solid Ink Technology, Las Vegas

Admit it. You would love to use color printing more often. Color draws attention, makes important details stand out, and delivers information and graphics with way more punch than black and white. But, color is expensive. That is, it used to be.

Say Hello to Xerox Solid Ink Technology

With Xerox ColorQube printers and multifunction printers, your organization can throw a party with color.

  • Xerox makes color affordable. With the Xerox Hybrid Color Plan, you pay only for the amount of color actually used on the page. Some low-color-use pages are the same rate as black and white printing.

  • Color consistency. Expect consistency, page after page, and from one device to the next.

  • More possibilities. With a wider range of color than laser printers, you'll get color accuracy every time.

  • Professional color matching. PANTONE spot-color correction allows for color consistency for all your business literature.

Easy to Use

  • Go cartridge free. Xerox Solid Ink Sticks are designed for simple drop-in loading. No down-time required.

  • Clean and safe. Solid Ink is non-toxic and won't leave stains on skin, clothing, or furniture.

  • Simplified administration. A built-in web server makes installation, cloning and administration easy. Also at your fingertips: Job status, accounting, and online support.

  • Space-saving. Solid Ink packages fit in a desk drawer. Say goodbye to cluttered storage closets.

  • Intelligent Ready technology. What? A printer that remembers when you like to start your work day, gets warmed up and ready for use at a moment's notice? Now that's efficiency!

Environmentally Responsible

  • Use less. With no empty toner cartridges or spent imaging units, Solid Ink Technology produces 90% less printing waste than comparable laser devices.

  • Responsible packaging. Solid Ink packaging is constructed from post consumer waste and is recyclable.

  • Print smarter. EarthSmart print driver gives you the option to choose the greenest print settings.

  • Got recycled paper? The Xerox ColorQube can handle any recycled (or other) paper and still get the same stunning results. All print-outs are 100% recyclable, too.

  • GreenPrint software. Bundled software detects meaningless printing, like pages with only a web address or unimportant pictures and lets you opt out of pages you don't need.

To learn more about the excitement surrounding the Xerox ColorQube and Solid Ink Technology, contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

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