Help Finding the Right Multifunction Printers for Your CPA Office

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Technology has brought about dramatic changes in nearly every sector, and accounting firms are a part of the transformation. Relying solely on paper-based processes is no longer a viable option, and progressive companies are eager to adopt digital alternatives. Paper still holds a place, however, and the right technology can provide access to both paper and electronic processes.

Keep Up with a Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers are the perfect solution for accounting firms as they look to adopt the latest digital document management solutions. Multifunction printers provide printing, copying, faxing and scanning capabilities from one convenient location. Here's what to look for when choosing one for your firm.

User-Friendly Functionality

Multifunction printers are essentially computers that also copy and print documents. The features included on the latest high-performing devices can be accessed through intuitive, touchscreen interfaces. Leading manufacturers understanding that the best solutions require little in the way of IT intervention, so they've streamlined the end-user process for out-of-the-box functionality.

For help choosing the right system for your company, ask for a demonstration of the user interface. Look for devices that reduce the number of clicks to access basic functions and uncomplicated solutions for customizing and automating repetitive processes.

Advanced Security Features

The accounting industry has always understood the need for strict security policies, but recent changes in the law combined with new technology-related vulnerabilities have changed the landscape dramatically.

To address your ongoing security challenges, partner with industry-leading technology partners like Xerox, Cisco, and McAfee. The right document management system and multifunction printers can work in tandem to address ongoing security threats.

The right multifunction printers for your accounting firm will match your document output, provide next-level security solutions, and give you access to digital document management processes. For help finding out more about the latest solutions from Xerox multifunction printers, contact us at Premier Office Systems today.

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