How the Cloud Makes Your IT Operations More Agile

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The hottest word in software development used to be "agile," but don't let its decline trendiness fool you. Agile operations is no longer a buzzword for IT departments; it's an expectation. Operations teams are expected to deliver quickly, fluidly, accurately, and with increased flexibility every day due to the agile movement.

At times, existing IT infrastructure can get in the way of agile deployment and testing, making your job ten times harder. Leveraging cloud architecture can remove the obstacles of existing infrastructure and enhance your team's agility.

How the Cloud Makes You More Agile

One of the best examples of how the cloud can benefit an IT department is in development. When development efforts begin, the development team doesn't have to wait for servers and databases; they can simply start with cloud environment tools to get begin deployment immediately. This takes pressure off of the operations team for provisioning efforts and frees up the operations team for other value-adding tasks.

The operations team should focus on things that bring value to the company, such as monitoring, performance enhancements, resolving issues, network security, and working with cloud and IT solutions vendors.

Agile Software Development is the Norm

There's no doubt that it's not an option anymore for software development to be agile; it's the rule, not the exception. For IT departments in every company, the cloud is becoming a more integral tool than ever before for provisioning, increasing testing speed, and faster deployments.

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