Selecting the Right Office Equipment: Printers

Las Vegas Office Equipment

Choosing the right office equipment for your Las Vegas business involves a lot of advanced planning and careful decision making. The best office equipment the industry has to offer can help you improve productivity while keeping costs in check. Your office printers and copiers are no exception.

What Are Your Requirements?

Getting out your clipboard and taking a careful assessment of your company's day-to-day requirements is a good starting point when choosing the best printer for your needs.

  1. Is a multifunction printer a good option? Your staff may be able to bring about vast improvements in productivity with the addition of a multifunction printer. These office workhorses feature copy, print, scan and fax in one sleek device. From the ability to direct documents directly into workflows to advanced finishing techniques and plenty of power, multifunction printers offer an exceptional return on investment.
  2. How big is your workload? A small desktop printer can suffice if you're a one or two-person operation printing just a dozen or so documents each day. A company with larger workgroups and big printing demands will need a printer that can keep up. Look for advanced power and speed along with paper trays that can handle large quantities to keep interruptions to a minimum.
  3. Color or black and white? If most of your documents involve inter-office communications, you probably won't need a color printer. If you'd like to print your own promotional materials in-house, however, a high-quality color printer is a must.

Quality Matters

Don't be swayed by low sticker prices and too-good-to-be-true introductory offers. Low-end printers often use up ink and toner at alarming rates, require more repairs, and usually end up costing more in the long run. Choose your printers and copiers from reputable companies offering quality office equipment with warranties you can trust.

For help choosing the right office equipment for your Las Vegas business, contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

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Tuesday Tips: 10 Tips for Data Security

Data Security

We are living in an online world- at work, at home, and everywhere else due to smartphones. Our highly connected world offers real-time convenience, but it also leaves us vulnerable to attacks. It is critically important to protect your organization from cyber criminals and security breaches.

Here are the top 10 most important tips and tricks to keep your business safe. Some of these may sound obvious, but it often the simplest things are inadvertently overlooked in lieu of the big picture.

  • Be sure you have a security plan in place as well as security-specific line items in your budget.

  • Educate employees on cyber security. Spending money on proper training can save you time and money in the long run.

  • Take advantage of popular anti-virus and encryption tools; pay attention to infection alerts.

  • Regularly update your operating system, security software, and anti-virus security.

  • Use caution with email--be wary of messages from unknown sources and don't open suspicious attachments.

  • Enlist the help of firewalls and anti-spam software.

  • Be sure to regularly back up your computer and store it to an off-site or backup server. This can be programmed to occur automatically.

  • Stay abreast of the latest technology--Cloud-based storage services are hot and can really help secure your data.

  • Practice safe computing. Think you've been hacked? Report the incident and change your passwords.

  • Remember that security extends beyond the laptop. With telecommuting and mobile devices it is imperative that your data is secure across all platforms.

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Tuesday Tip

Do You Need a Mobile Printing Solution?

Las Vegas Mobile Printing

If your Las Vegas business is like most, mobile printing has become your newest business imperative. With record numbers of employees preferring their own devices over company-issued electronics and many working remotely, a mobile printing solution that works is more important than ever.

Mobile Printing Advantages

If your current office printer technology isn't keeping up, it's time to replace outdated printing infrastructures with cloud-based solutions that meet today's demands.

  • Cost savings. You'll be glad to hear that an effective mobile printing solution won't require a large upfront capital investment. With no heavy lifting or expensive IT infrastructure to build, mobile printing is one of the easiest tech upgrades to sign onto.
  • Poised for growth. Don't worry that your mobile printing investment today will be money down the drain tomorrow. Mobile printing systems are extremely scalable, making it easy to respond as your business grows.
  • A happier IT team. Inherently easy to set up, and with low maintenance requirements, your IT team will appreciate the decrease in help-desk tickets that naturally follows a mobile printing initiative.
  • Satisfied employees. If there's anything more frustrating than printers that can't complete assigned tasks, we're not sure what it is. One of the advantages of mobile printing is that it solves the printer issues that are often the bane of daily office life.

Do You Need a Mobile Printing Solution?

Determining whether your organization needs a mobile printing solution is the first step in the decision-making process.

  1. Are you currently experiencing issues that make connecting to your existing print infrastructure a problem for employees?
  2. Are a sizable number of your employees classified as remote or work-from-home employees?
  3. Are some of your employees currently using (or clamoring to use) their own mobile devices for work?
  4. Are you concerned about security during printing?

To learn more about mobile printing solutions and how your company can benefit, contact us at Premier Office Systems in Las Vegas today.

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The Managed Print Services Solution

Las Vegas Managed Print Services

Smart Las Vegas businesses are discovering managed print services as their number one solution for overall savings, increased productivity and green office procedures. With managed print services, businesses can offload their print infrastructure to experts in the field, making it easier to focus on core business objectives.

The Problem

An unmanaged print infrastructure can cause numerous difficulties across an organization.

  • Ad hoc spending. Without careful planning, print spending can easily fly under the radar. Supply shortages, unexpected printer breakdowns, and band-aid fixes just to complete a project can all lead to uncontrolled spending. Some businesses discover their print spend is as high as 6% to 15% of annual revenues.
  • Equipment downtimes. Equipment that runs at peak capacity without regular maintenance and updates can spell disaster. From employee frustration to lost opportunities for meeting customer requests, an unmanaged print fleet can negatively impact your business at every level.
  • Production bottlenecks. Underutilized or badly placed devices are often the cause of severely inefficient workflows.

The Solution

Managed print services can pinpoint areas within your print infrastructure that are causing problems. A detailed initial analysis will help you gain clear insight into your current print environment, from spending to device utilization. The benefits across your organization are varied:

  1. Decreased spending, with savings as high as 30% on your current print costs.
  2. An in-house IT staff freed up from printer maintenance to focus on core projects.
  3. Automatic supply reordering, eliminating bulky supply closets and the associated costs to manage consumable inventories.
  4. 24/7 monitoring of devices, with many problems addressed before they have a chance to negatively impact production.
  5. Improved workflows with device right-sizing and suggestions for taking full advantage of multifunction printers.
  6. A greener office environment through elimination of unnecessary printing, decreased power usage and suggestions for improved paperless workflows.

To learn more ways your Las Vegas business can benefit from managed print services, contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

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Tuesday Tips - What Key Benefits Come with Managed Print?

Managed Print Services

Many businesses rely on managed print services (MPS) to keep things running smoothly. But what exactly are the primary benefits of having your printers managed? Let's take a look:

The Basics of MPS

MPS essentially take all the guess work out of your print and copy needs. Outsourcing your print services frees up your in-house personnel to focus on other areas, such as IT and operations. Your contracted print manager handles all of your equipment needs, from service and repairs to supply management.

Proper print management can save your business money and time. MPS are an excellent way to assess how your current document print plan and technology align with your business goals. An experienced MPS will monitor your print demands, pinpointing areas to improve or upgrade. Once assessed a proper management plan--that maximizes output and minimizes costs--can be put in place. This lets you focus on running your business not worrying about printers.

Advantages and Benefits

Once a print management plan is in place, your MPS provider will maintain, support, and manage all equipment in that program. One of the biggest benefits of having your printers managed is when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Through network software your print manager can monitor your print equipment and usage, often able to detect and mend issues before they disrupt the flow of business. If the concern cannot be managed remotely, a repair professional will be dispatched to your office to fix the issue. Furthermore, if the cost of repair outweighs the value of the printer, your print manager can replace it with a comparable model. Having these services properly administered can alleviate the stress of multiple service contacts and warranties.

Overall, having your printers managed provides significant benefits and costs savings to your business.

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Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tips - 4 Invaluable Printer Fixes

Fixing Your Printer

Printing documents is part of everyday business. While most of the time it is quick and easy, when there are snags, it wastes time and causes headaches. Keep things running smoothly with these four simple tips for fixing your printer.

1. Check Printer Settings

Printing documents with a lot of graphics and/or color will slow things down. As will printing on a high-res setting. If speed is the key print in draft or economy setting most of the time, switch to higher setting for presentations or client documents. Print in gray scale to save time and money and only use color ink when necessary. Set these as default settings in your print menu.

2. Deal with Jams Properly

Jams happen! Resist the urge to just grab the paper and pull it out. Ripped, torn piece are more difficult to remove. Open the printer and find the best way to remove the paper, being sure to check for any foreign objects. Take your time and be patient. Once the jam is resolved, check the paper--is it the proper type for the machine? is it aligned? Fix as needed.

3. Why Isn't it Printing?!

Sometimes you hit print, and nothing happens. Why not? Make sure the printer is turned on (if it is in stand-by mode it will take a few minutes to warm up) and that there is paper in the tray. If you have several networked printers, ensure that one is set as the default make check that you sent the print job to this one. Canceling and re-sending the print job usually fixes minor snags. When in doubt, reboot!

4. Are Problems Too Common

All printers need a little help from time to time. Check your service contract and keep up with proper maintenance. However, if proper maintenance and care don't fix problems, it might be time for a new printer.

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Tuesday Tip

Stay Competitive with Document Management

Las Vegas Document Management

For your company to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive Las Vegas business environment, it's more important than ever keep pace with recent advances in technology. One of the best ways to make sure your company doesn't get left behind is to implement an effective document management system.

Document Management, Defined

Simply put, document management is a digital computer storage system that helps you manage, store and retrieve all of your company's documents and proprietary information through a centralized computer database.

How Will My Company Benefit?

Paper storage systems are limited in scope, largely inefficient and lacking in basic security. Hard copies are vulnerable to loss, theft and damage, putting sensitive information at risk.

  • Reduce operating costs. Cut down on day-to-day costs by bypassing the printer and sending documents directly to existing workflows. Make room for new employees and value-added projects by eliminating bulky filing cabinets, binders and storage boxes.
  • Save time. Office workers spend an average of 12 to 40 percent of their time searching for paper documents and files. Accessing digital files takes a matter of seconds with simple keyword searches.
  • Improve customer service. Studies show that when customers are asked to wait more than 5 minutes for information, they give up and take their business elsewhere. With an electronic document management system, customer inquiries are handled more efficiently, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  • Enhance data security. Your proprietary information is your company's most valuable asset. Document management protects your information from unauthorized access.
  • Recover faster. Disasters happen, and small to medium businesses, in particular, may not recover when files are lost. Paper filing systems are no match for fire, flood or theft. Document management provides disaster recovery so you can get back to business faster.

To learn more about the many advantages to your Las Vegas business with document management, contact Premier Office Systems today!

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Preserve Family Photos with a Scanner

Las Vegas Scanners

We all have them—boxes and albums full of photos that need to be restored, categorized, and shared. Thankfully, advances in technology make this a task anyone can handle with great results. With a little practice, you'll become proficient at creating and editing digital photos so you can preserve your own family's history.

Some Tips for Great Results

  1. Start with a clean slate. A scanner will pick up smudges, fingerprints, dust and lint, transferring it to the digital image. Gently wipe photographs with a soft cloth. Wipe down scanner glass with a camera lens cloth. You can use glass cleaner, but spray on your cloth, not the scanner bed. After everything is clean, it can help to wear clean white gloves to keep fingerprints at bay.

  2. Make your color choice. Even when scanning black and white photos, you'll want to scan in color. There are variations to black and white photos that color scanning will pick up.

  3. Choose a scan resolution. 600dpi is a good choice if you're planning to try some restoration or enhancement, and if you're planning on storing and sharing your digital images.

  4. Position, scan and crop the photo. Use your scanner's preview option to check for alignment and a clean, dust-free image. Crop the image to include just the photo itself. Avoid further corrections, saving those for the editing step after the file is saved.

  5. Adjust the file size. If the file size is too large for available memory, adjust before saving.

  6. Complete your final scan. If everything is to your liking, complete your scan.

History Preserved!

Getting the hang of using a scanner to preserve your family's history won't take too long. A good editing program will help you restore those that have faded or torn. You'll be able to save your photos in digital scrapbooks, share on social media, or print for framing and sharing.

If you need a quality scanner to help preserve your memories, contact us at Premier Office Systems in Las Vegas today! We can help you get started!

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Tuesday Tips - Can You Improve Print Efficiency?

Efficient Printing

The best way to print efficiently is to start with the printer itself. Finding the best model for your business needs ensures energy efficiency, reduces waste, and saves money. Start by assessing what you will be printing, how much you will be printing, and how many employees will be using the printer.

Ink jet printers are still the most popular, affordable, and versatile options on the market, although color laser printers have become much more cost effective. Look for high-efficiency and/or high-capacity models for mass printing.

Attention to Detail

When selecting a printer pay attention to details. Do you need a full color printer or is a basic black and white model enough for your company? Be aware of ink refill options and costs--saving money on a printer is null if supply costs are unwieldy.

Double-sided printing saves paper and can be set as the default option on most printer models. Be sure to check additional printer settings for low-power or standby settings for energy savings. And, look for draft or economy print options for everyday documents; switch to high quality for presentations or client documents. Small steps can make big differences when it comes to saving money and reducing waste.

Is Printing a Must?

Before you hit the print button on your computer, think about whether or not you really need a hard copy of the document, particularly with email attachments. Digital documents and file sharing are commonplace today. And it is easier than ever to convert a word or text document to a PDF and track edits in a shared document without printing it. Getting in the habit of reviewing documents on-screen saves a lot of ink and paper, especially since most drafts are destined for the recycling bin.

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Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tips - Resources to Make You Better at Buying a Copier

Copier Purchase

Buying a new copier for your office is a business necessity. Unfortunately, it can also be confusing and overwhelming. But, it doesn't have to be. By following a few top tips, you can find the best solution for your company.

Assess Your Needs

Today, copiers are more than just copiers. They are multi-purpose machines that address myriad business needs. Taking time to assess your specific copy needs can significantly narrow the wide field of copiers and printers.

Do you need color as well as black and white?... High-speed?... High-capacity?... Wireless?... Scanning or faxing capabilities? Your business is unique and so are your copier needs, so be sure to pinpoint the essentials and ignore the extraneous bells and whistles.

Protect the Budget

Outsourcing copy and print needs can be expensive. Investing in a high-quality, business-appropriate copier can save your budget in the long-run. The efficiency of modern in-house copiers and printers saves time and money. Plus, when you purchase a copier from a reputable document management company or retailer, you'll get built-in customer support, saving money up-front and through service contracts.

Service and Support

Copier maintenance and service affects your workflow and bottom line. While you may find a great copier deal online, there can be much to be desired once it arrives. Knowing who you purchase from and having a relationship with your copy/print manager allows you to focus on business instead of allotting time and resources to your copier. The need for competent service, maintenance, and repair cannot be underestimated -- be sure to have a contract in place to meet your distinct needs.

Remember, with a few business self-assessments, you can significantly simplify the experience of buying a copier. Following these top tips -- focus on needs, budget, and service -- will enable you to find the right machine at the right price.

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Tuesday Tip
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