Tuesday Tips - Numbers Behind Managed Print

Las Vegas Managed Print Services

Managed print services are an increasingly popular way for companies to cut costs and reduce their environmental impact simultaneously. For smart business leaders, managed print represents a productivity boost and an efficient way to do business.

There are many statistics to support this idea, the facts making a compelling case in support of managed print services.

Managed Print Services by the Numbers

If you're researching managed print services, you've no doubt heard less concrete claims like "cost saving" and "enhanced productivity." But you may still be skeptical: can managed print really accomplish all of that? And how?

Here's a look at the numbers behind the claims of managed print services. This is the reality when a business enters a managed print services contract.

1. The average company saves $1M on total printing costs. That's 30% of their total hardcopy costs before managed print services and an astounding number. Managed print services accomplish this through reduced resources waste, less time drain, and higher productivity.

2. Companies reduce their total carbon emissions by up to 60%. Many businesses don't realize the drain on energy that their printer fleet and other print-related operations represent. By adopting a managed services approach to printing, you'll see a significant drop in print-related emissions.

3. The managed services sector is growing over 25% every year. That's an astounding rate of growth, and it's not without reason. More companies than ever are embracing the need to outsource in order to specialize in their own core business.

4. 70% of all managed print services are on-going, customer-centric engagement. Reluctant business leaders who have yet to adopt managed print services tend to view managed print as just an assessment of fleet size or a new cost-per-copy billing method. Managed print is much more than that, however. In fact, 70% of all managed print services fall into the following areas:

  • Vendor return services calls (usually within a few hours)
  • Next day service response time
  • Device installation and upgrades
  • Help desk services
  • End user training
  • Remote and on-site monitoring of devices

Print management is smart business. Consider it's benefits.

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Tuesday Tip

Increase Revenues with Managed Print Services

Las Vegas Managed Print Services

Hanging on to outdated and inefficient paper processes may be costing your company more than you realize. Remaining loyal to familiar procedures and established methods may seem like the easier choice, but going paperless with managed print services is very good for your Las Vegas company's bottom line. It's also very quickly becoming a business imperative.

First, Run the Numbers

Sometimes, just getting out the calculator and running the numbers can help put things in perspective. The cost to process a single paper invoice is around $22.75. Digital comes in at $3.34—a savings of 85%. When was the last time anyone turned down a deal like that? If your favorite car dealership announced an 85% savings on this year's model, you'd be first in line to take advantage of the deal. It's time to get excited about 85%.

Benefit With Paper-Saving Digital Processes

The paperless office is here to stay, and the benefits to your company can't be overstated. Check these out:

  • Get paid on time, month after month, by encouraging customers to use paperless auto-payment plans.
  • Avoid the dreaded end-of-the-month invoicing rush that puts everyone out of commission (and out of humor) until it's over.
  • Substantially lower your risk of becoming a victim of fraud.
  • Give your accounting staff more time to seek out better deals and research vendors.

Increase Visibility

Undetected problems may be hurting your company's bottom line. With automated processing, you'll gain visibility, staying ahead of problems to recover profits and keep losses at a minimum.

Get More Value from Employees

Paying highly skilled employees to push paper and complete mundane tasks (copy, staple, file, repeat) isn't doing anything for your bottom line. Go digital and turn time-consuming paper processes into efficient automated systems, freeing up employees to add real value to your company.

To learn more ways managed print services can help your Las Vegas business increase productivity and profits, contact us today at Premier Office Systems!

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Tuesday Tips - Quality Printing Makes a Difference

Las Vegas Office Equipment

If you've ever seen a low-quality print job, you know what a difference the quality makes to the message. It's difficult to see past the quality, and you may make judgments on the business or individual based on the quality. Print quality matters, especially for businesses.

If your print quality isn't what it should be, here are some tips to help you create better prints.

Consider Managed Print

If you are worried about the costs associated with better quality printers and prints, consider this: unmanaged print within a business is often inefficient and costly. Managed Print Services helps you take control of printing costs, and can free up funds to invest in better printing or to repair ineffective machines.

Invest in Success

If you do need a new printer, the immediate cost might be making you hold back. But, investing in quality print is a good investment for your business. If you choose a multifunctional printer, for example, you'll see better prints and better productivity. Your MFP can do the work of several standalones, and they offer energy savings. Overall, you will see a return on investment if you upgrade your old equipment.

Offer More

A wide format printer opens up new possibilities for advertisement or service offerings. Wide format printers do amazing things. Even if you do not make the move to wide format, improving your print quality will make a difference in how your customers view your business. Having impressive products and services tells your customers you care about your business.

Your print jobs can say a lot about your business, to your employees, your customers, and your suppliers. Quality prints are important to business ventures, but it is an often overlooked component. Don't settle for lower quality when there are so many opportunities to move towards higher quality.

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Tuesday Tip

Solve Paper Process "Pain Points" with Document Management

Las Vegas Document Management

No matter the size of your Las Vegas company, you have something in common with thousands of other businesses. You share the same “pain points” caused by paper document processes. Let’s have a look at just a few.

1. A particular process you’re currently using is causing bottlenecks and slowing down production.

You probably don’t have to think too long to identify this particular office ogre. Whether it’s a problem of misplaced client files or inefficient communication between departments, an electronic document management system can turn it into a streamlined digital process that everyone can use.

2. You’re using the “fingers crossed” method of securing your paper documents.

The fact is, there is no method known to man to keep paper documents secure within a typical office setting. (Fort Knox is another story.) Keep your company’s proprietary information backed up and secure with an electronic document management solution. Your customers will appreciate knowing you’ve done everything you can to keep their information safe from unauthorized access, too.

3. You’ve got a nagging suspicion you could increase revenues by speeding up or eliminating paperwork.

Guess what? You’re right. Studies estimate office professionals spend up to two hours a day just searching for paper files. Do the math on that one, and it’s easy to see how paper processes can create huge losses in revenues. Document management turns cumbersome paper procedures into streamlined workflows that take just seconds, not hours. You’ll save money and free up staff for value-added projects at the same time.

4. There’s real concern it would cost too much and be too difficult to make an attempt at a paperless office.

We hear you, but there’s good news:

  • The average return on investment with a document management system is just six months. In the business world, that’s something of a record!
  • Most document management software is user-friendly and intuitive, gathering information as files are saved, making file saving and retrieval simpler with each step. Your employees will thank you!
  • Good document management software will adapt to your company’s culture and method of doing business. You’ll actually enjoy the process!

To learn more ways document management can benefit your Las Vegas business, contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

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Tuesday Tips - Finding the Right Multifunction Printer

Las Vegas Office Equipment

All-in-one or multifunction printers are machines that replace several standalones in your office. Multifunction printers can print, scan, fax, and more, depending on the model you choose. When shopping for a new multifunction printer, you might be a little overwhelmed by the number of models, each with several options and specs. We can help find the right multifunction device for you.

Here are some features to consider to help you narrow down your options.


To tally overall costs of ownership, you should have both a budget for your computer and a budget for additional costs. These additional costs include everything from IT to supplies like paper and ink. Different machines have different costs associated with the supplies in particular.


Many multifunction devices are used primarily for printing. Your new printer should have specs in these key features that match your needs:

  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Duty Cycle, or the maximum number of pages that should be printed per month
  • Laser or Inkjet


Scanners are important components of multifunction printers, especially for businesses going paperless or working more frequently with digital documentation. Having a high-quality producing scanner is crucial for many offices. You will want to understand and set standards for:

  • Resolution
  • Element Type
  • Scanner Software


Like the scanner, high-quality is key if you use either function frequently. Copier quality will depend on the scanner, but there are a few copy-specific features:

  • Copier Speed
  • Document Sizing

Additional Features

Finally, there are some other features that you might want to consider as you make your decision. These are fax features, network compatibility, and memory card compatibility.

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Tuesday Tip

Streamline Office Processes with a Multifunction Printer

Las Vegas Office Equipment

Your office equipment is a tool to help your business thrive. In the best of worlds, it should help your employees complete their tasks efficiently, moving from one process to another without interruptions due to equipment malfunctions or maintenance issues. One of the ways to turn this dream into a reality is to consider replacing isolated technologies (printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines) with one device—a state-of-the-art multifunction printer. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Increase User-Satisfaction for Employees

When employees are asked to train and stay updated on four devices, they may automatically (and even unknowingly) revert to preferred methods and devices, missing out on opportunities to streamline their daily routines. One user-friendly multifunction printer simplifies training and increases employee job satisfaction. When employees learn how easy it is to turn cumbersome and time-consuming paper processes into streamlined digital workflows, they'll be eager to implement new methods, saving your company time and money in the process.

Look for multifunction printers that include built-in management features and effective software, so end users feel comfortable with all processes:

  • Intuitive device setup for fast and easy start-ups.
  • User-friendly interfaces to make routine processes easy to understand.
  • Simple, on-device or online helps and troubleshooting guidelines.

Reduce IT Staff Burdens

Multiple devices across your organization—from desktop printers and scanners to faxes and copiers—all demand time from your IT staff that is better spent on value-added projects and innovation. Reducing the number of devices your IT staff manages is a simple but effective way to cut back on time and money spent managing your office equipment.

  • Reduce time spent on hardware maintenance.
  • Manage consumables for just one device instead of four.
  • Reduce time spent on software updates.
  • Stay ahead of the firmware and patches required to stay on top of security issues.
  • Cut down on training time required with multiple devices.

To learn more ways your organization can benefit from a multifunction printer, contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

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Tuesday Tips - Take Control of Costs with Managed Print

Las Vegas Managed Print Services

It's no secret that documents are essential to any office. However, many businesses are not aware of just how much is allocated to printing. You may be spending a significant chunk of revenue on costs associated with generating documents. Business owners may not even realize just how much money is dedicated to printing and print costs. Managed print services are designed to help businesses control costs associated with printing.

Managed Print works to create a customized plan to help your business control costs.


An assessment gives an initial overview of your print environment and helps to create a managed print strategy for your office,. This assessment is created through a series of evaluations that address three key concerns: who is printing, how often, and from which devices. Then, your calculated cost per document is totaled.

The assessment helps to identify issues, establish benchmarks, and make recommendations for an ideal print environment.


Implementing your managed print strategy will result in predictable spending that is cost effective. Optimization will come through seeing the assessment's printing statistics, benchmark metrics, and recommendations that include employing your current print fleet.

You can save up to 30% of your total printing costs with a managed print strategy. You'll have predictable spending and ongoing support, and have automatic, continued tracking of all of your devices.

Controlling costs is just one of the many benefits of managed print services. In addition, you'll enjoy an increase in printer performance and overall productivity, efficiency in workflow, and less burden on your IT department.

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Tuesday Tip

Copier or Multifunction Printer?

Las Vegas Office Equipment

When it's time to upgrade your office equipment, your choice can make a lot of difference in your day-to-day workflows. For some businesses, a photocopier is the right choice. Others may have networking requirements, making a multifunction printer a better option. With many overlapping properties, the biggest difference may be in size and features, which vary by manufacturer and device. Analyzing your requirements can help narrow down the available choices for a perfect fit. For example:

  • How many people will use the device?
  • What are your performance requirements (speed and volume)?
  • Do you need networking capabilities?

The Copier

Copiers do exactly what the name implies--copy documents. Users can make single or multiple copies of a single page. Some larger copiers can accommodate multiple paper sizes at once using a series of paper trays, and may feature advanced finishing options like stapling, binding and 3-hole punching. For businesses wishing to copy single documents, a copier is a good option. For high volumes, a digital printing press may be the best choice.

The Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers feature four functions in one deviceÑcopy, print, scan and fax--and are the best option for multiple users. MFPs can enhance office workflows by turning paper processes into digital formats, like scan and send directly to network users, operating systems, or cloud repositories.

The multifunction printer's strongest advantage comes in the form of multiple capabilities in a small amount of space. Some models feature advanced finishing capabilities for professional results in-house, built-in green technologies to save paper and consumables, enhanced security both on the device and during sharing, and plenty of power for high page-per-minute results.

Whatever your office equipment needs, Premier Office Systems can help you find the perfect fit. Contact us today for more information.

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Tuesday Tips - Lease Your Next Printer

Las Vegas Office Equipment

Leasing a copier or multifunction printer is a good way for small to medium businesses to leverage the power of state-of-the-art technologies. As with any lease, it's important to understand the details of your office equipment lease agreement before you sign on the dotted line.

Understand All Associated Costs

A reputable vendor will make sure you understand all costs associated with your lease. Here are a few questions you'll want to ask.

1. How will my costs-per-copy be calculated? Several factors come into play when calculating cost-per-copy, and it's good to be well informed when going into a lease. For example, are 11x17 copies a higher rate than standard letter or legal-size copies? Also, hundreds of copies can be made by technicians during service calls, so find out what the procedure is for these copies.

2. Who pays for supply delivery charges? You may get a great deal on your lease, but find out too late that high shipping and handling fees for toner, drums, or other supplies are an added expense. Check into these details before you sign.

3. What about scans? If you plan to use your multifunction printer for paperless processes, it pays to find out if there are additional charges for scans.

4. What are the insurance requirements? How much insurance is required on the equipment? Is it permissible under the terms of your lease to use your company's insurance plan?

End of Lease Procedures

No lease lasts forever. It's important to understand your obligations and requirements, so you're prepared well in advance.

  • Contract renewal. It's best to be aware of your end-of-lease date so you're prepared to contact the vendor, letting them know your intentions. But, you should understand the vendor's procedure if your end-of-lease date passes before you've let them know your plans. Should you expect a month-to-month lease or will you be responsible for another full year?

  • Return procedures. At the end of your lease, you'll need to return the copier to the vendor. Make sure you understand the details, so you are prepared to meet all requirements of the procedure. Also find out if you are responsible for return shipping fees, insurance costs, etc.

  • Hard-drive destruction or removal. Ask about procedures for removal or destruction of the device's hard drive at the end of your lease. Are there additional fees? Who pays for them?


If the copier will not work as designed, will another copier of equal valuable and capabilities be offered in its place? It is wise to establish the guarantees you receive from your vendor.

Hopefully, this helps you on the way to leasing your first copier! Good luck!

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Tuesday Tip

The Benefits of Managed Print Services for Retailers

Las Vegas Managed Print Services

The retail industry has unique and diverse printing requirements. From signage and marketing materials to back-office procedures, your retail organization is dependent upon a reliable printing infrastructure. Keeping costs under control is a monumental task, and multiple locations can make it even harder. Managed print services can help bring costs under control while improving productivity. Here's how:

Manage Costs

Continuous monitoring of your devices and their output will help your organization gain visibility and control over your current print spend. One monthly amount that covers everything from consumables to maintenance will help bring spending under control and gain budget predictability.

Increase Uptime

Printer downtimes bring productivity to a halt. Managed print services provides 24/7 monitoring of your devices. Alerts are sent when a problem is detected, with service technicians dispatched to your location ASAP. The benefit of a team of experts on call, who are also already familiar with your devices, can't be overstated.

Identify Problem Areas

Usage analysis and data reports will pinpoint problem areas and high or wasteful printing practices. Paper and ink/toner saving procedures can be implemented to help everyone in your organization print more responsibly.

An Improved Output Strategy

Managed print services can help your printers work for you by recommending new placement and the right devices to meet unique departmental needs. Back-office procedures such as those in your Human Resources Department have completely different printing requirements than Marketing, where signage and consumer-facing materials are the main focus. Managed print services can help improve office processes as well as in-store execution of documents and point-of-sale materials.

Improve Customer Service

Your customers expect fast, reliable service. Managed print services can help by freeing up personnel so they can focus on your most valuable asset--your customers.

Managed print services can help retailers stay competitive and efficient, improving bottom lines and customer service. Contact us today at Premier Office Systems! We're here to help!

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