Tuesday Tip - Sustainability Starts Here

Document Management Las Vegas

Today's technology keeps us connected in ways we perhaps never dreamed of before. The world feels smaller today, and many organizations are responding to this by becoming better global citizens. Going green is one of the best ways for a company to give back to the community and the world, and is vital to our earth's health.

It's a daunting commitment, however. Business leaders often feel lost when it comes to going green because it seems like green business is incompatible with a healthy bottom line. With document management, reducing your environmental impact is not only easy, it's also cost-effective. You can save money while helping the environment; ultimately, green business is good business.

Green Business = Good Business

Every year, around one billion trees are thrown away in paper in the U.S. This number is astounding, but when you realize that 95% of business information is still stored on paper, it makes sense. What companies don't realize is that this information storage is not only wasteful, it's also costing you money.

Simply put, paper documents are hard to access, easy to lose, and inefficient to store. When your company wastes valuable time looking for information or valuable storage space keeping paper documents, it hurts your bottom line. A main maxim of environmental consciousness is to reduce waste, which is just good business.

Document Management = Green

By saving time, space, and consumables, document management can help reduce your company's environmental impact and save you money. Join us in a commitment to a greener world.

Organize & Access Knowledge with Document Management: Part I

Document Management

Finding the information you need, when you need it, can be a challenge—even within your organization. There may have been a time, at the very start of your business, when your only documents were tucked neatly away in paper and computer filing systems that everyone understood. As business grows, however, documents have a way of multiplying rapidly and can overwhelm filing systems. A document management system can turn chaos into efficiency, improving workflows by putting your company's collective knowledge where it needs to be—at your fingertips.

A Powerful Way to Store and Share Information

The way we share information is increasing at a rapid pace. We email, broadcast, publish online, and collaborate on information that becomes part of our company's knowledge base. Creating and collecting documents without effective ways to store, retrieve, and share them means we miss opportunities to gain from what we've learned. A document management system includes powerful keyword search and retrieval tools, putting files and other information literally at your fingertips.

Intelligent Document Management

A document management system gathers intelligence and then names and stores documents based upon standardized conventions. Attempts to do this on a paper or computer filing systems are flawed because it's difficult to get consistency among users. A good document management system also offers the following features:

  • Access control allows users to define who can read, edit or delete a file. To bypass established parameters, a helpdesk call is required for access.

  • Document check-in and check-out shows not only that a document has been opened, but when it was checked out and who is using it. Also, the system gives the reason for accessing the file, and when the user plans to finish with the document.

  • Document comparison highlights changes to a document during the editing phase, comparing the edited version with the original.

  • Automatic routing of files from one user to the next makes for faster approvals and collaboration.

  • Quickly save emails to your document management system and associate any subsequent comments and feedback you receive.

Put the power of an effective document management system at your company's fingertips. Contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

Tuesday Tip - Avoid Burning Your Budget with Managed Print

Managed Print Services

Did you know that your company is more than likely losing money to the endless sinkhole of printing? That's not a happy thought, but how can you know for sure it's happening? Obviously, the answer to that question is worth pursuing. Time and money are on the line.

Who is going to do this research to find out what is happening in your printing environment?

  1. You have a business to run

  2. Your staff have their plates full

If researching the details of your printing costs is not your forte, then our Managed Print Services is where you can turn for help.

What Managed Print Services Do

  • Our desire is to efficiently discover where you are now, and where you could be after the problems are fixed

  • We carefully assess and track your printing processes and costs

  • We determine where you could be saving money

  • We present the steps you need to take to cut those costs

  • We'll show you how to avoid the bad habits of spending in the future

What do you get in return for our services?

  • We could save you up to 30% in finances -- well worth the investment.

  • You have the time to work on your day-to-day pressing needs without having to undergo all the analyzing and research that our team can complete.

  • Find out how you can avoid supply costs.

  • Find out how you can avoid maintenance costs.

  • With our guidance, you will avoid unnecessary printing costs in the future and begin new, money-saving habits.

Thanks for reading!

Ease the BYOD Transition with Xerox Mobile Print

Mobile Printing, Las Vegas

Not surprisingly, the newest trend in mobile device usage is BYOD (bring your own device) to the workplace. This new growth is not expected to stall, and experts predict that 50% of workers will be using their personally owned devices in the workplace by 2017. Familiarity and ease of use are cited as top reasons, as employees embrace mobile functionality at work and home.

Businesses have had to prepare for the increasing rise in BYOD users, facing new IT challenges, including the need for secure mobile printing. Employees expect to not only have access to business information at any time and location, they expect to be able to print needed documents without hindrance. In fact, TechNavio cites printing as the feature most requested in mobile devices.

Finding the Perfect Solution

Finding the right mobile printing solution requires a little forethought and discussion.

  • Printing should be user-friendly, with simple printing solutions that work across the enterprise, including guest printing.

  • Your mobile printing solution should be flexible enough to work with any printer at any location.

  • Easy integration with existing infrastructures and software is a top priority.

  • Your mobile printing solution should include tracking and management features for easy accounting of print jobs from mobile devices, both on-site and off.

  • Security during mobile printing is critical, and your software should protect sensitive information during all phases of printing, including holding jobs in a queue until the owner releases them.

Enter the Xerox Mobile Print Solution

Print securely and efficiently from anywhere to nearly any printer without burdening staff or causing IT headaches. These simple steps show just how easy it is to use Xerox Mobile Print.

  1. Open in Print Portal
  2. Find the printers near you.
  3. Choose the printer you'd like to use.
  4. Preview your document.
  5. Choose your print settings.
  6. Print.
  7. Retrieve your prints at a non-Xerox or Xerox printer.

To learn just how simple it is to gain secure and efficient mobile printing with Xerox Mobile Print, contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

Tuesday Tip - Document Management and Customer Service

Document Management

Wouldn't it be great if your workers could spend time acting on information, rather than looking for it? Providing excellent customer service is one of the most important factors in giving a business an advantage over their competition. Xerox automated business processes, and customer service systems helps to ensure efficiency. It's a simple thing, like being able to retrieve information faster than competitors, which make potential customers take notice of your business.

A documents management system is an easy way to get started improving and investing in your customer service. By organizing your documents and automating your business processes in a structured, controlled management system, you’ll spend less time searching for documents and more time helping those who are most important: your customers.

Answer Customer Inquiries Instantly

With a document management system’s search and retrieve capabilities, the employee has instance access to documents and information - never having to put a customer on hold.

Share Documents Easily

A document management system allows for easy, secure sending of documents to and from the system, making it easier and faster to communicate with customers.

Secured Information

Whatever industry your business is in, your customer’s information can be safe and secure. With a Xerox document management system, you can control who has access to what information, and all your files will be backed up onto a secure server in an off-site facility. Your documents are encrypted during the whole process, while they are being transferred and when they are stored.

Your business has the power to turn its customers into its greatest advocates and promoters or into its harshest critics. It all starts with how your customer service helps meet their needs.

Keep in touch with us to learn more!

Improve Workflows with a Xerox Multifunction Printer

Multifunctional Printers, Las Vegas

Are you looking for ways to improve workflows and simplify office processes? A Xerox multifunction printer is a great place to start. These office workhorses feature state-of-the-art technologies that will help your business get a handle on daily tasks.

Improve Office Workflows

  • Four-in-one. Save time and money by combining four devices in one. Xerox multifunction printers help your office gain efficiency by eliminating isolated technology islands. Work smarter with copy, print, scan, and fax features in one sleek, space-saving device with plenty of power to meet heavy workloads. High monthly duty cycles and expansive paper trays mean you can spend less time waiting and more time focusing on goals. Truly multifunctional, Xerox MFPs can handle copy, print, scan and fax requests all at the same time, without making users wait in line before starting another job.

  • Simplify paper-driven tasks. Xerox makes paper-driven tasks simpler and faster with features like single touch scanning. Users can print from and scan to USB device, and features like scan to email, fax, or network offer multiple options for document sharing.

Quality You Can Count On

  • User-friendly features. Easy out-of-the-box start up and built-in networking means less time from purchase to production. Paper jams are easily remedied with video jam clearance and illuminated paper path, so you can get back to work quickly. Touch-screen interfaces on the device make job selection and choices clear and easy to understand. With bi-directional communication, users can check the status of their job from desktop, laptop, or handheld device.

  • Professional results. Xerox multifunction printers bring professional printing results to the home office. Xerox MFPs feature high resolution color printing and sharp, clear text. High impact color means your office literature will gain attention. Produce booklets, mailings, brochures, and reports in-house, saving time and money by eliminating costly print outsourcing.

To learn more ways Xerox can improve your office workflows, contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

Tuesday Tip - Cost Control That Makes Life Easier

Managed Print Services, Cost Control

Implementing new company cost control measures usually means some painful changes and loss of conveniences. Managed print services is different. It's one of the few cost control measures that alleviates pain and makes life easier and more convenient. And, as the first of the four pillars of Xerox—Cost Control, Security, Productivity, and Going Green—you know you can count on the best the industry has to offer. How great is that?

Step 1: Assess & Optimize

The first step in implementing a new managed print services program is to get some data on your total print environment.

Find out exactly what you're spending. With managed print services, you'll receive a thorough analysis of exactly what is being spent, down to the department and device.

Improve workflows. We'll recommend ways to better utilize your devices to improve procedures. Overlap and underutilization of devices will be eliminated, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings.

Step 2: Ongoing Management

Managed print services allows for new cost controls in a number of positive ways.

Get control of consumables. You won't need to worry about untracked spending on consumables. With managed print services, devices are remotely monitored. Ink cartridges and toner are shipped automatically based on need. You can eliminate that bulky supply cabinet and the administrative costs that go along with managing its contents.

Less down-time. With device monitoring and regularly scheduled maintenance, printer downtimes will be a lot less frequent, and so will costly workflow interruptions.

Free up IT resources. Your IT department can take printer maintenance and troubleshooting off their to-do list and get back to mission-critical projects and innovation.

Step 3: Count the Savings and Benefits.

Save up to 30%. Companies who make the move to managed print services can expect to save up to 30% on their current printing costs.

Save energy. We'll help you eliminate devices that aren't really serving your company well. You'll not only gain with improved workflows, you'll save money on power costs, too.

Increased visibility. You'll know exactly how much printing actually costs your organization, and with one monthly price for everything from paper to printer maintenance, you'll be able to forecast budgets more accurately.

Keep in touch with us for more tips!

Get Affordable, Sustainable, Stunning Color Printing with Xerox Solid Ink Technology

Xerox Solid Ink Technology, Las Vegas

Admit it. You would love to use color printing more often. Color draws attention, makes important details stand out, and delivers information and graphics with way more punch than black and white. But, color is expensive. That is, it used to be.

Say Hello to Xerox Solid Ink Technology

With Xerox ColorQube printers and multifunction printers, your organization can throw a party with color.

  • Xerox makes color affordable. With the Xerox Hybrid Color Plan, you pay only for the amount of color actually used on the page. Some low-color-use pages are the same rate as black and white printing.

  • Color consistency. Expect consistency, page after page, and from one device to the next.

  • More possibilities. With a wider range of color than laser printers, you'll get color accuracy every time.

  • Professional color matching. PANTONE spot-color correction allows for color consistency for all your business literature.

Easy to Use

  • Go cartridge free. Xerox Solid Ink Sticks are designed for simple drop-in loading. No down-time required.

  • Clean and safe. Solid Ink is non-toxic and won't leave stains on skin, clothing, or furniture.

  • Simplified administration. A built-in web server makes installation, cloning and administration easy. Also at your fingertips: Job status, accounting, and online support.

  • Space-saving. Solid Ink packages fit in a desk drawer. Say goodbye to cluttered storage closets.

  • Intelligent Ready technology. What? A printer that remembers when you like to start your work day, gets warmed up and ready for use at a moment's notice? Now that's efficiency!

Environmentally Responsible

  • Use less. With no empty toner cartridges or spent imaging units, Solid Ink Technology produces 90% less printing waste than comparable laser devices.

  • Responsible packaging. Solid Ink packaging is constructed from post consumer waste and is recyclable.

  • Print smarter. EarthSmart print driver gives you the option to choose the greenest print settings.

  • Got recycled paper? The Xerox ColorQube can handle any recycled (or other) paper and still get the same stunning results. All print-outs are 100% recyclable, too.

  • GreenPrint software. Bundled software detects meaningless printing, like pages with only a web address or unimportant pictures and lets you opt out of pages you don't need.

To learn more about the excitement surrounding the Xerox ColorQube and Solid Ink Technology, contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

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Revolutionize Your Paper Filing System with DocuWare's Web-based Intelligent Indexing Service


Manual document filing is not only time consuming; it presents numerous opportunities for error during data entry. DocuWare's Web-Based Intelligent Indexing can revolutionize paper filing, saving businesses time and resources. Especially useful for small businesses with a variety of documents in smaller volumes, DocuWare delivers big returns for companies seeking new ways to streamline filing processes through a document management system.

Here's how DocuWare's Intelligent Indexing Service can work for you:

  • A user scans a document and using the easy one-click indexing feature, clicks on relevant information to index the document. The user may choose the company name, date, or any other important indexing terms relating to the document.

  • A list is provided from which the user chooses the document type.

  • DocuWare learns from the indexing choices made by the user. When a similar document is scanned in the future, indexing criteria is applied automatically.

  • The document is stored in seconds, with automatic grouping by document type. Documents are then sorted by date for fast, efficient retrieval.

*Just click to confirm the entry. The process of filling in the data field manually is completely eliminated.

Benefit from "crowd learning" technology.

Beginning with the first scanned document and the first click, intelligent indexing uses the concept of "crowd learning" technology to gather information from system users. It gathers intelligence gradually, learns from the information, then indexes documents automatically.

Even for small businesses, intelligent indexing is vastly superior to paper filing systems. Companies of all sizes can benefit from DocuWare's Intelligent Indexing Service, making daily workflows simpler and faster. Recent software developments feature intelligent indexing via email, barcodes and forms, and imported documents.

To learn how DocuWare's Web-based Intelligent Indexing Service can help your company get a handle on paperwork and get back to your real business, contact Prime Office Innovations today!

Tuesday Tip - Why Businesses Choose Managed Print Services

A recent Gartner estimate shows that companies stand to save 10% to 30% annually on printing costs by implementing just one thing: print management. This growing trend in the business world has taken off dramatically over the past few years, due in large part to this significant cost savings. But many business professionals still aren't sure what managed print services entail, and whether it's the right fit for their business.

Gartner's estimated cost reduction shows how universal the solution of managed print services is: they showed that basically every company that manages printing will see improvements to their bottom line. That's true even if the print management is handled internally. But for smaller companies, or even larger ones with budget constraints, giving your employees one more task just isn't an option, and hiring more staff negates the cost savings.

That's where a managed services provider comes into the picture. With a managed services provider, you reap the benefits of rooting out inefficiencies and saving in printing costs, but you're also able to enjoy one low monthly bill that encompasses the entirety of your print expenditures. This budget predictability, flexibility, and clarity are unachievable without a managed services provider.

Why Business Choose Managed Print Services

The main reason businesses choose managed print services is to gain a high level of control over their print environment and budget. Printing is often difficult to control because the expenses involved range from equipment to consumables to power. These expenses often come out of different department budgets or are hidden in the electricity bill, for instance. This means that few businesses ever enjoy a big picture look at what printing is actually costing them per year.

Companies that choose managed print services experience:

  • Easy billing and supply ordering from a single vendor rather than multiple
  • Experienced professionals managing all aspects of printing
  • Guaranteed and streamlined service
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Lower costs through equipment optimization, workflow improvement, and resource saving

To learn more about how managed print services can help your business, stay in touch with our Tuesday Tips!

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