Gain Control of Your Office with a Document Management System

Document Management, Las Vegas

Is your office drowning in a sea of documents? While many companies have begun taking small steps toward a paperless office, real help can come in the form of a document management system. Your company can realize immediate benefits like increased office productivity, streamlined workflows, cost savings, and enhanced security, to name just a few.

Simply put, a document management system uses computer software to store, track, and manage electronic documents, and converts paper documents to digital images using a scanner.

Gain control of office processes.

  • Office employees spend an estimated 5-15% of their time reading information, but up to 50% of their time searching for that information. A document management system eliminates the never-ending paper chase, making documents instantly accessible with keyword and filename searches.

  • A document management system provides immediate information at the time of document check-in and check-out. You'll not only know if a document is currently in use, you'll know who is using it, what time the document was checked out, what revisions were made and why, and when the document will be ready for your use.

  • The ability to compare earlier versions of a document is another bonus of a document management system. Changes and differences between versions are highlighted, so you'll know exactly what was done before you add your revisions. You'll also be able to revert to an earlier version.

  • Workflow processes can be streamlined with access permissions and automatic routing of a document through the system. Errors can be avoided when step-by-step processes are automatic.

Integrate and enhance current systems.

  • Integration with email platforms allows for easy saving to a central document repository. Users can associate comments and feedback with the document, which can be located whenever the original file is searched.

  • Eliminate the chaos that follows when paper files are lost, damaged, or stolen. Files stored in a document management system are backed up and secure, safeguarding your company's collective knowledge and protecting confidential client information.

To learn more ways a document management system can help your company increase efficiency, saving both time and money, contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

Tuesday Tip - Multifunction Printers and 4 Other Ways to Go Green

Go Green in the cloud

It's no longer true that going green will cost your business money. In fact, many companies are finding that green business equates to saving money. How can you enjoy the benefits of reduced environmental impact and lower costs? Here are a few tried-and-true tips.

  1. Consolidate equipment with multifunctional devices. Too many offices rely on the outdated printer fleet model, which relies on stand-alone devices that perform only one or two functions. These machines drain your power and waste valuable resources. A multifunctional printer can do the work of your printers, fax machines, copiers, and scanners, all in one energy efficient device. Without the cost of maintaining and running multiple machines, you'll reduce your printing costs considerably.
  2. Replace office equipment with energy efficient models. Are you aware that many older machines are not energy efficient? When updating your equipment, be sure to choose Energy Star rated devices that conserve energy. These devices can save you money in electricity every year.
  3. Think before you print. Paper is wasted every day printing unnecessary documents. Newer model multifunction printers include scan-to-email or save features that allow you to share documents easily without ever hitting print.
  4. Adjust print setting. An easy way to reduce printing is to take a look at your default print settings. You can set your printers to the draft mode to use less ink, as well as choose double-sided printing.
  5. Return print consumables for recycling. It's easier than ever to recycle cartridges and unused office equipment.

For more ways to save money and go green, keep up to date on our blog posts.

Go Green & Save Green with Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

The average U.S. office worker uses a sheet of paper every 12 minutes, which amounts to about 500 sheets in two and half weeks. Each of them throws away 100-200 pounds of that paper each year. At over 56 million U.S. office workers, we're throwing away an awful lot of paper. Clearly, we can make an effort to reduce that astonishing number.

As more companies come to realize the impact each business can have on the environment, new ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle are the next wave of businesses innovation. Managed print services is one of the easiest ways to practice business responsibly. While reducing your carbon footprint, you'll also be reducing your company's total print spend.

Less is More. A Lot More.

Businesses who team up with a managed services provider can save as much as 30% on their total print environment.

Less equipment, less power.
A managed print services assessment of your fleet will show areas of overlap and waste. Equipment that isn't being used can be eliminated, cutting down on energy costs.

Get a grip on consumables.
Many businesses have excess consumables stored in ungainly supply closets. With automated supply ordering through managed print services, you'll reduce surpluses and the associated waste that comes from packaging and spent cartridges.

Use less paper.
You can't cut back on your overall paper consumption until you know how much you're currently using. With managed print service's remote device monitoring, you'll know exactly how much paper your office is printing, down to the department and the machine. User permissions and controls combined with paper-saving practices like two-sided printed will all help to cut down on paper and other consumables.

Saving money by reducing wasteful print practices is a win for your business and for the planet.

To find out more about how managed print services can help your company go green, contact Premier Office Systems today!

Tuesday Tip - Use Your Time and Money Wisely: Consider Managed Print

For most IT departments and personnel, managing and repairing printers is a drag. Simply put, there are more important things for your IT department to pay attention to, especially in times of rapid growth. They need to be able to focus on strategic initiatives that push your company forward, not performing routine maintenance or worrying about upgrading equipment.

The problem with this reality is that a mismanaged printer fleet can cost your business money, and a significant amount of it. Even the most careful budget hawks are often unaware of the exorbitant costs associated with maintaining printing from end-to-end. Because printing encompasses so many aspects, from the physical pages printed to the staff hours used on malfunctioning equipment, it's hard to put a dollar figure to the overall expense printing represents in your business.

How do You Count the Costs?

Some attempts have been made at quantifying this cost, however, and the research has found that implementing managed print services can save your company up to 30% in printing-related costs. This is because you'll have a team of experts solely devoted to optimizing your total print environment, end-to-end.

Instead of asking your overtasked IT department to add another strategic task to their already full schedules, you can outsource and experience the benefits of expert care. IT personnel generally only have time in investing in printer functionality; in other words, they can only ensure that a printer is working. But optimizing your company's printing goes so far beyond simply functioning. Consider the advantages afforded by managed print services.

  • Budget visibility for your entire printing operation, down to machine and user stats
  • Full optimization of your print equipment, ensuring that your devices are being used at or close to full capacity
  • Consolidation and outsourcing of printing supplies ordering
  • Routine maintenance and fast response time for repairs

Managed print services can help you move beyond the frustration of broken printers and overworked IT departments. Focus on your company's success instead of your printers.

It's a Fact: Managed IT Services Improve Customer Service

Managed IT Services

When you take the time to consider ways to improve customer service, managed IT services may not be the first item on the list. It probably should be.

Growing Pains

As your business experiences growth, your IT infrastructure needs to keep up with the growing demands you put upon it. You need to concentrate on building and maintaining a customer base, and so does your team. Trying to juggle business priorities while maintaining your IT resources can lead to frustration and poor customer service. When your sales or customer service representatives are asked to deal with IT problems, their attitude suffers, and their time with clients is inhibited.

  • When your network is suffering, it will show in customer service. Studies prove that customer satisfaction decreases dramatically with every minute of wait time.

  • Today's consumers are accustomed to instant results and fast service. Making them wait because your network is down, and you can't get your hands on information is almost a guarantee they'll be looking elsewhere for services.

Save Money the Smart Way

Managing your own technology may seem like a good way to save money, but IT meltdowns are expensive—very, very expensive.

  • Small companies experiencing major data loss fail at an astonishing rate of 70% within one year of the incident.

  • Those that can't get back to full force within ten days are unlikely to get back to business at all. They simply close their doors.

Customer Satisfaction is Paramount

Without your customers, there's no point in coming in tomorrow, so it makes sense to have a strategy in place for putting their satisfaction first. With managed IT services, your network and infrastructure will be fully optimized and available when you need it. Your clients will know when you're giving them your full attention. They'll appreciate the effort and come back again. Even better, they'll pass the word on to their business associates. Say hello to growth!

To find out even more ways managed IT services can benefit your company, contact Premier Office Systems today!

Tuesday Tip - Save Money With Managed Print

More and more, corporations are facing pressure from the public to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by demonstrating a commitment to practices that help reduce their carbon footprints. One of the easiest ways for companies to accomplish this is by reducing their paper consumption. Here are a few benefits and positive effects from using managed print services.


Having an outside partner who helps to manage your printing and keep consumption regulated means that you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits.

  • A reduction in support personnel.

  • A single bill to pay that covers maintenance, supplies, etc.

  • Full accounting of page consumption and tracking by department.

  • Less equipment expenditures.

  • Reductions in printed pages.


While it is obvious that the reduction in printed pages will help your company to move toward sustainability, that is not the only way that managed printing can help your local business. Since your equipment will be monitored and maintained by your provider, costly downtimes will be minimized. Similarly, you will save on the cost of the equipment itself, which means that your company will no longer need to worry about waste in the form of obsolete or broken electronics, both of which are ecological concerns. With less electronic waste and paper waste, your office's sustainable future becomes that much more attainable.

Document Management—The Green Solution

Document Management

The promised paperless revolution the computer age was supposed to usher in never really happened. Easy access to printers has made it second nature for office workers to select print without thinking twice. As a result, we're consuming more paper than ever, at an astonishing 20% per year rate of growth. Clearly, it's time for a change. A document management system from Premier Office Systems can help your company become a part of the solution to greener office practices.

How Going Paperless Helps the Environment

  • Save paper. Document scanning can help your organization take steps toward a paperless environment by digitizing documents, from invoices and receipts to proposals and reports. Digitized files are searchable, with streamlined file sharing and instant access to information.

  • Save energy. As more and more of your office procedures become digitized, you'll cut down on the energy usage caused by printers going at full speed all day long.

  • Save even more energy. For many companies, 45% of documents stored in filing cabinets are duplicates, and 80% of files stored are never accessed again. As your organization commits to a green, paperless environment with document management, the need for rooms full of bulky filing cabinets will cease to exist, along with the energy costs required to keep those filing cabinets comfy all year long.

Set a Green Example

As your company begins its green journey with document management, bypassing the printer in favor of electronic transactions and communications, your business partners and customers will respond in kind.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

You'll need a new use for some of those defunct filing cabinets when you commit to a paperless office. One forward-thinking company had a little fun and turned theirs into recycling bins for employees to stash water bottles, cans, paper waste, and ink and toner cartridges. Going green can be fun—and contagious!

To find out how your company can tread a little more lightly on the planet with a document management system, contact Premier Office Systems today!

Tuesday Tip - Making Your Office More Environmentally-Friendly

In recent years, it has become increasingly important to take steps toward making office environments more "green". With new information and technology on how to recycle and reduce, it's easier than ever to make a difference. Additionally, green initiatives have become increasingly important to consumers who want to see that the companies they work with and buy from are being considerate global citizens.

However, when you're busy running a company, it can seem like a drain on time to set up the infrastructure to start a recycling program. The good news is, there are many managed services companies that can take on that task and eliminate the pressure from your workload. These companies can help contribute to environmental consciousness in multiple ways.

Paper Conservation

There are many ways that companies can cut down on paper usage including investing in equipment that prints on both sides, setting up a document scanning and document management system, and working with a managed IT company to establish a print services plan. In addition to these, recycling discarded paper is another way to help the environment and decrease waste coming out of your office.

Material Recycling

Some companies don't know this, but recycling efforts can extend beyond paper consumption. Recycling old office equipment and office materials can make a big difference! A lot of electronic equipment have substantial amounts of glass and metal which are both valuable resources that can be recycled.

Energy-Efficient Equipment

Investing in new office equipment can be exciting and can also drastically cut down on power usage. Most new office electronics come equipped with power saving modes and are much more energy efficient. Upgrading to these modern-day machines can make a big difference in power consumption, saving your company money and reducing the output into the environment.

We have plenty of ideas on how to incorporate green technologies into your office, keep in touch to learn more. 

Premier Office Systems Helps Roseman University Become More Efficient

Xerox, Managed Print Services

A local University of Health Sciences was looking for ways to be more efficient, allowing their school to expand and their offerings to students to improve. They were growing quickly, but so was the overhead.

The Chaos

Because there was no clear policy regarding the procurement and management of printers, the printer fleet had grown over the years into a gigantic and costly mess. Multiples of a given make and model were deployed unevenly, leaving holes in coverage and a heavier burden on support. The total expense of supplies went unnoticed and uncontrolled because users were buying supplies from multiple suppliers for multiple machine types, and expenses were charged under the general office budget. When printers could not be fixed by the IT staff, they were discarded, and a new printer was purchased.

The Solution

Premier Office Systems was asked to offer recommendations that could improve efficiencies and at least get a handle on expenses. It was determined that the school had more than enough printers to handle the job, but only if they were deployed more evenly. Change was imperative. The total cost to manage and supply the fleet was uncovered and confirmed by the administrator, and Xerox Managed Print Services were deployed. They began monitoring, supplying and servicing the fleet, which today is proactively managed by a dedicated fleet manager.

The End Results

By implementing Managed Print Services, Premier Office Systems was able to completely turn around the printer fleet at Roseman University. The following are just a few ways the university benefited:

  • Reduced the total cost of the fleet by 40%
  • Freed up an entire day of IT time, allowing better IT support for students and faculty
  • Removed the burden of printer management from the staff
  • Printer downtime was reduced, improving the productivity of the staff

When Roseman University chose to ask Premier for advice, they saw improvement across the board, from costs and efficiency to better IT support. If your business is still in the chaos stage, it may be time to ask for advice, too!

Tuesday Tip - Increase Efficiency and Security With Document Management

Document Management System

The paper-cluttered desk is a workplace norm. Even a meticulous records-keeping office runs into significant roadblocks when filing cabinets are full and documents are missing. Document management provides a way out of the stacks of paper. A document management system helps an organization stay relevant, secure, and regulation compliant.

Here are just a few of the ways document management helps an organization:

  1. Easy search functions at your fingertips - You’ve probably experienced something like a frantic search for a piece of paper in a file marked only with a sticky note. With document management, searches like this are a thing of the past. Information is easy to access and share both internally and externally, and lost files are a thing of the past.

  2. Fast access to relevant information - The average consumer is used to living in the information age—but is your information easily accessible to them? A document management system allows you to quickly find and share accurate information with your customers, allowing you to respond efficiently and professionally.

  3. Enhanced regulatory compliance - Your records will be easy to access when needed to demonstrate regulatory compliance. A document management system ensures that you have a valid digital trail of record-keeping, showing when documents are created, accessed, changed, or viewed.

  4. Improved security - Sensitive documents shouldn’t be moving unattended from desk to desk. With document management, information is secured through controlling who can access folders or documents. In addition, your documents will be protected against the weaknesses of paper, including fire, flood, theft, vandalism, or simply getting lost in a pile.

  5. Cash flow advantages - Decision-making should be driven by accurate data, and that data should be available to you at all times. A document management system makes it easier for you to track cash flow documents, allowing you to make effective decisions.

Document management helps you access, share, and secure your organization’s information.

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