The Internet of Things and Lessons Learned from Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

The Internet of Things. In the most basic of terms, it means it won't be long until any device with an on/off switch will be connected to the internet. Think beyond cell phones and computers, which are already connected, to the many devices you use each day. Starting with the coffee pot and toaster in the morning and ending with the car you drive home, an inventory of the devices that serve our needs each day is extremely long. And the IoT includes not only the devices, but the millions of components that make them work. Gartner analysts estimate over 26 billion devices and their components will be connected by 2020.

The concept may seem startling now, but eventually we'll become accustomed to the advantages the Internet of Things has for each of us. A car-calendar-traffic report connection can suggest a different route to a meeting, with no effort on our part to make it happen. A component on a jet can warn mechanics that it's due for maintenance or replacement, making air travel safer for everyone.

Managed Print Services & The IoT

Managed print services is a tried-and-true snapshot of the advantages of the Internet of Things. Already in place and hard proof that communication between devices can provide some real benefits, the managed print services experience can contribute some valuable insight to the movers and shakers who'll make the IoT a reality.

  1. Leverage intelligence to improve productivity and reduce waste. Managed print services already does this. Documents are directed to the most efficient device in terms of economy of time and supply usage.
  2. Security must be a top priority. Managed print services addresses the issue of security by recognizing and implementing protocols to protect sensitive information as it flows between devices.
  3. Use data to improve procedures. Managed print services uses collected data to improve workflows and increase productivity.

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