Laser Printer Basics for Successful Shopping

printer in use

Shopping for business-grade laser printers is a little more complicated than picking up a printer for home or casual use. It helps if you understand some of the basic terminology and standard features and have a good grasp of your requirements. To help you get started on the right foot, here's an overview of the basics.

Total Cost of Operation

Even if your budget for a new printer is limited, it's critical to consider TCO over sticker price to avoid buyer's regret. Many printers with a low purchase price fail to deliver when it comes to efficiency and cost-per-page. Laser printers that appear to cost more may cost considerably less to operate over time than lower-priced models. A lease agreement can help SMBs afford a printer with more features by spreading the payments out over time.


A managed print assessment can help you determine which feature set is the right match for your workflows. It can also provide valuable insight into your team's printing habits, monthly print volumes, speed requirements, toner consumption, and equipment usage. These and other metrics can help narrow down your selection to the perfect laser printers for your office's unique process requirements.

Monthly Duty Cycle

The monthly duty cycle is an industry rating that helps companies choose laser printers and multifunction systems that are the right match their workloads. A printer that is rated too low may break down frequently, and one that exceeds your requirements isn't a wise use of your resources.

Your technology provider is ultimately your best resource for finding the right laser printers. Some research on your part combined with the expertise of the Premier Office Systems team can help you locate the printer that's best for your needs. Contact us to get started today!

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