Meet Compliance Challenges with Document Management

Document Management

It's no secret that healthcare compliance mandates have become stricter and more complex in recent years. Healthcare and insurance providers have little choice but to do everything they can to stay compliant without sacrificing their first priority—their patients and customers.

Regulation Headaches

The fallout from new regulations has had a drastic effect upon all those involved in the healthcare industry. Employees are asked to work longer hours, learn new rules and increase response times. Providers are absorbing greater expenses and are doing all they can to avoid the fines and penalties that follow when deadlines and processes aren't met exactly to specifications.

Why Paper Processes Don't Work

Traditional paper processes simply cannot stand up to the rigorous requirements of the new compliance regulations. For example, new 48-hour mandates for approvals and addressing grievances are virtually impossible to meet with paper-based systems.

Paper requires hands-on, step-by-step procedures before any action can be taken. From receiving mail to opening, sorting, reading, categorizing and then delivering to the responsible department, the process can take days or even weeks. Matters are further complicated when documents become lost in the shuffle.

Obviously, new document scanning solutions are required if there's any hope at all of staying compliant.

Automation is Imperative

If providers are to avoid penalties and fines, it's critical that paper processes are abandoned in favor of automation. Fortunately, a document management solution can give companies a successful way forward.

  • Receive, process, and address requests and grievances faster and more efficiently with a streamlined digital process that bypasses inefficient paper-based systems completely.
  • Track and stay updated on progress with real-time versioning, audit trails and easy online collaboration.
  • Eliminate the mistakes that follow whenever data must be re-entered by eliminating the need all together. Scanned and editable PDF documents make manual data entry a thing of the past.

To learn more ways to meet healthcare industry compliance regulations with a document management strategy, contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

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