The Multifunction Printer—Your New Workflow Solution

Las Vegas Office Equipment

Does some or all of your Las Vegas company's existing office equipment need an upgrade? Are maintenance costs mounting? Or perhaps the technology is not keeping up with your growing needs. Before you invest money replacing numerous devices, you may want to take a serious look at the benefits found in a multifunction printer.

Multifunction printers provide flexibility and cost savings by combining the functions of four stand-alone devices—copier, printer, scanner, and fax—into one efficient device. You gain the combined multi-functionality of four devices in one, and the benefits are substantial.

Save Space

You don't need us to tell you that office space is a major expense. Streamlining your devices from one to four can make a measurable difference in how much room you have available for mission critical tasks. Multiply that by several departments, and the savings are even more significant. Reclaiming desk space could allow for additional employees, more room for workflow solutions, or new common areas for brainstorming and meetings.

Combine Functions

Even if you don't typically use a fax or scanner, you may discover new ways to improve workflows when these functions are suddenly available to you. Scan or fax to email is just one example of a new way to save time as well as printing costs.

Go Green

Today's multifunction printers are energy efficient and have green technologies built in.

  • Save paper with automatic duplexing and settings to eliminate unnecessary pages
  • Cut back on consumables like ink and toner cartridges required for multiple devices
  • Fewer consumables means less packaging waste
  • Save energy by eliminating older, less energy efficient devices

Cut Costs

Multifunction printers have cost savings built in. From paper-saving features like automatic duplexing, which can cut paper usage in half, to high capacity toner cartridges, multifunction printers can significantly reduce your current print spend.

To learn more ways a multifunction printer can take your office equipment to the next level, contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

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