Is Now a Good Time to Upgrade Your Copiers?


Not sure whether you should consider swapping out your copiers for newer models? The timing for upgrading your copiers depends on a variety of factors, and while you should try to get the highest possible return on your investment, at some point replacement is a better use of your resources.

Here's a look at what to consider when deciding whether to upgrade now or hang onto your current office copiers a little while longer.

  1. Is the monthly duty cycle still right for your needs? Your print volumes may be much higher than they were when you first purchased or leased your equipment. Manufacturers specify monthly print guidelines to help you get the most value from your investment. If you've been consistently operating your copiers at maximum capacity or over, they won't last as long as they should. It may be better to upgrade to a device better suited for your current requirements. You may even be able to relocate your old copier to a department with lower monthly printing requirements to squeeze a little more value from your investment. For help determining your print volumes, schedule a Xerox Managed Print Services assessment.
  2. Is your copier operating according to your expectations? Copier downtime isn't good for your workflows, and it's not great for your expense accounts, either. If your current copiers are experiencing breakdowns more often than you'd like, it's time to consider an upgrade.
  3. Does your copier have the features you need? If it's been a few years since you upgraded your copiers, there may be new technologies that could help you accomplish daily tasks with greater efficiency. The latest copiers include powerful document capture and management capabilities that could support your current needs very nicely.

For help selecting the right copiers for your organization's specific needs, get in touch with us at Premier Office Systems today!

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