Paper Saving Tips You Can Really Use

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Despite ongoing campaigns to reduce, reuse, and recycle, paper consumption is higher than ever, with the average office worker using up to 10,000 sheets per year. With a little forethought and extra effort, it's possible for each of us to drastically reduce that number. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Paperless Basics

1. Adopt a duplex printing strategy. Make it your policy to print on both sides of the page. Today's new office equipment offers technology to make this your default setting. You can also try printing two pages per side, also known as N-Up Printing.

2. Conduct business via email. Skip the printer by using PDF formats and then emailing. Or try a fax-to-email gateway to avoid fax machine print-outs.

3. Think twice before printing. Just taking a moment to think before printing can make a big difference. Cut and paste information from long documents to print only the sections you really need.

4. Don't print for proofing purposes. Many of us print out documents for easier proofreading. Try enlarging the image or taking a break from the screen and proofing later. Better yet, gain a fresh perspective by asking a coworker to proof your work. It can be difficult to notice your own errors.

5. Try Managed Print Services. You'll gain real help cutting back on unnecessary printing with managed print services, saving up to 30% on printing expenses in the process.

6. Communicate electronically. Use virtual calendars, email groups or other systems to send office communications electronically.

7. Install whiteboards. Whiteboards can be used in place of bulletin boards to convey fast and temporary messages without using paper and other consumables.

Be a Trendsetter

When your Las Vegas office sets a green example by initiating sustainable, paperless document scanning practices, your clients and customers will respond in kind. Offer customers paperless billing, send vendor invoices via email rather than through the postal system, and post company newsletters on websites and social media.

Whatever your Las Vegas organization needs, from new office equipment to a managed services provider, Premier Office Systems has you covered. Contact us today!

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