Premier Office Systems Helps Roseman University Become More Efficient

Xerox, Managed Print Services

A local University of Health Sciences was looking for ways to be more efficient, allowing their school to expand and their offerings to students to improve. They were growing quickly, but so was the overhead.

The Chaos

Because there was no clear policy regarding the procurement and management of printers, the printer fleet had grown over the years into a gigantic and costly mess. Multiples of a given make and model were deployed unevenly, leaving holes in coverage and a heavier burden on support. The total expense of supplies went unnoticed and uncontrolled because users were buying supplies from multiple suppliers for multiple machine types, and expenses were charged under the general office budget. When printers could not be fixed by the IT staff, they were discarded, and a new printer was purchased.

The Solution

Premier Office Systems was asked to offer recommendations that could improve efficiencies and at least get a handle on expenses. It was determined that the school had more than enough printers to handle the job, but only if they were deployed more evenly. Change was imperative. The total cost to manage and supply the fleet was uncovered and confirmed by the administrator, and Xerox Managed Print Services were deployed. They began monitoring, supplying and servicing the fleet, which today is proactively managed by a dedicated fleet manager.

The End Results

By implementing Managed Print Services, Premier Office Systems was able to completely turn around the printer fleet at Roseman University. The following are just a few ways the university benefited:

  • Reduced the total cost of the fleet by 40%
  • Freed up an entire day of IT time, allowing better IT support for students and faculty
  • Removed the burden of printer management from the staff
  • Printer downtime was reduced, improving the productivity of the staff

When Roseman University chose to ask Premier for advice, they saw improvement across the board, from costs and efficiency to better IT support. If your business is still in the chaos stage, it may be time to ask for advice, too!