Selecting the Right Laser Printers for Your Office

laser printer in office

With the onset of a new year, you may be considering new laser printers for your organization. Before you make your selection, here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Choose Your Features Carefully

Xerox laser printers offer organizations a wide variety of features from which to choose. Here's a look at a few of the available capabilities.

  • Color printing — Why restrict your office to black-and-white documents when Xerox color laser printers can give you access to low-cost color printing in-house? High speeds, impressive resolutions, and color-matching software rival professional outsourcing, and accountability features make it easy to restrict color printing to mission-critical use only.
  • Built-in networking — Let your employees tap into your laser printers with their mobile devices with anytime/anywhere convenience and security.
  • Storage — Store frequently-printed files directly on the device.
  • Printer management software — Install, troubleshoot and keep tabs on job status from your web browser.
  • Bi-directional communication — Xerox laser printers let users check toner supply levels and print job status directly from the device front panel or the web.
  • Save paper — Automatic duplexing is a convenient, efficient way to reduce paper consumption.
  • Secure printing — Xerox Secure Print holds print jobs until users are present to enter a PIN on the device. Hard drive overwrite features shred stored data automatically or by request.

Match Printer Capacity to Your Requirements

Your organization's requirements will help determine which of the Xerox line-up of laser printers is right for you. Select from a variety of trays and capacities, sheet feeders, output speeds, and paper sizes for the best match for your organization. A Xerox managed print assessment can help you determine these and other metrics.

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