Try These 2 Cool Tips With Your Office Printer

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While you already know about the great things your printer can do for your business, there are always new ideas and even a few tricks you may not have tried. The capabilities found within today's office equipment are often untapped. Here are a few cool tricks you can try.

Fridge Magnets

Yep. You read that correctly. It may sound like yesterday's cheesy marketing gimmick, but a cool fridge magnet with your company's logo, website and QR code can gain your business some serious mileage. If you want your company to be the first one that comes to your customers' minds, proudly holding Johnny's soccer schedule to the fridge may do the job very nicely. Talk about multi-tasking!

So, how does one go about making the useful and attractive company fridge magnet? It's easy. New magnetic sheets that feed right through your printers are available at office supply and craft stores. Just design your magnet, print, cut to size, and you're ready to go.

A Cool Ink-Saving Trick

You probably already print in draft mode for your office communications, but there's another way to cut down on ink and toner usage. Ecofont can help your company save as much as 50% on printer ink and toner usage. This innovative software leaves tiny holes in letters as they're printed on paper. Completely invisible to the naked eye, these little holes nonetheless deliver big savings. You'll save money and do your part to keep ink and toner cartridges out of the environment. Ecofont software also offers paper-saving features like skipping unnecessary pages when printing and carving out unneeded sections of long emails.

Your office equipment is an important part of your company's plan for success. Contact us at Premier Office Systems today for the best the industry has to offer!

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