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Today, business leaders are finding innovative new ways to make old technology more environmentally friendly. But we have to acknowledge a sad fact: some technologies are hard on the environment, producing waste and impacting the world around us. That's why Xerox has taken the lead in environmentally safe printing products, creating a vibrant new alternative to traditional ink: solid ink.

Solid ink does away with the old thinking of traditional printing. When your printer runs out of toner, you're left with a bulky, wasteful cartridge that you still have to throw away. Solid ink printers eliminate this by using compact solid ink sticks that aren't cased in cartridges. Solid ink can significantly reduce your environmental impact while maintaining an unmatched level of quality.

How does solid ink stack up against traditional printing?

If you're considering investing in a solid ink printer, you want to know the facts. Does solid ink produce the same quality as traditional printing? Is the environmental benefit truly significant? Solid ink printers deliver in every category, especially in waste reduction and quality.

High-quality results, every time

Solid ink technology gives you an exceptional product, even without expensive, super-white paper. You can use recycled paper and still get the results you've come to expect from Xerox printers.

Revolutionary environmental benefits

A traditional cartridge-based toner printer produces 450 pounds of waste in only four years. A solid ink printer creates only 23 pounds of waste in the same amount of time! In addition, the resin-based ink sticks are completely safe with no solvents.

The ink sticks are small, compact, and easy to use. They're easy to transport: they won't spill or leak on your clothes. They also use far less packaging than traditional cartridges due to their compact size. All of these details add up to a big reduction in environmental impact.

Go green with solid ink

If you're looking for innovative new ways to go green, look no further than Xerox's new solid ink printers. It's time to change the way we print.

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