Tuesday Tip: Take Your Documents Digital

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Some organizations can take a certain comfort or sense of security from handling paper files. In a way, this makes sense. After all, people have used physical documents of some form or another for centuries.

However, that sense of security can prove deceptive. Thanks to technological advances such as document management software, converting your paper documents to electronic formats can help ensure that things run smoothly in your office. Here are some reasons why you should consider going digital with your documents.

1) Less Lost Information

Storing documents in file cabinets has its risks. Someone could misplace one of your files or damage it by accident, which could hinder you from finding some crucial piece of information when you need it.

A document management system helps you eliminate those risks. You’ll be able to save your information and retrieve it quickly whenever you need to do so. You can also protect your documents from theft better.

2) Increased Efficiency

Saving information on your network allows your employees to access it easier. In turn, this will enable them to get more work done. This boost in efficiency will benefit your bottom line.

3) Less Environmental Impact

When you don’t need to print as many documents, you use up much less paper, toner and energy. By reducing printing waste, document management enables you to reduce your carbon footprint. You’ll make your processes more environmentally conscientious with hardly any effort.

4) Greater Information Security

For some industries, information security can be a major concern. Regulations may require you to keep records strictly private or confidential. With a document management system, you can monitor and restrict access to documents stored on your network. You’ll meet compliance requirements and protect yourself from potential legal penalties.

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