Tuesday Tips: Get More Work Done with Mobile Solutions

Tuesday Tips

It’s no secret that the Internet, smartphones and other advances in technology have changed the way we live our lives. These advances have greatly improved the way we work as well.

With mobile printing solutions from Xerox, you can get more work done even while you’re away from the office. Here are some ways your business can benefit from these products.

Access Your Information Remotely

Mobile printing solutions give you the ability to access your network from a laptop, smartphone or tablet. You just need an Internet connection to retrieve the information you need.

Print Documents While You’re Offsite

Getting hard copies of your files while you’re on the go doesn’t need to be a hassle either. Xerox’s mobile solutions enable you to locate and connect with printers that aren’t on your network. Once you’ve connected your mobile device with an offsite printer, you can use it to print files saved on your network.

Keep Your Information Secure

Of course, companies don’t just need to worry about accessing their information. For many businesses, protecting that information from unauthorized users is also a major concern.

Xerox mobile printing solutions make it easy to keep your information secure when you access it remotely. You can set restrictions to prevent documents from printing until you’re at the device.

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