Tuesday Tip - 3 Ways Document Management Helps You Save Cost

Every workplace creates, manages, and stores documents daily. These documents are more than papers or files to store; they represent your organization's collective knowledge. In the age of information, your documents are a powerful tool that can keep you ahead of your competition.

Despite this fact, all too often documents are trapped in archaic paper filing systems or the unsecured digital landfills of hard drives. When this is the case, documents are often lost and insecure. Document management is the simple solution to the inefficiencies of unstructured document systems.

  1. Sharing - Collaboration is key in the workplace. Every team member can use their talents for your organization when teamwork is easy. Document management has simple sharing, editing, and version control functions that make collaboration a breeze.

  2. Searching - According to some estimates, 15% of a typical workday is spent searching for lost or misplaced documents. This adds up to an interrupted workflow and wasted money. With document management, every file is indexed and tagged to make searching fast and simple.

  3. Security - Sensitive documents often go from desk to desk unattended, and even document sign-out sheets or digital access control can be unsafe. Document management has group or individual level access control functions, as well as a complete audit trail of who accesses and edits a document.

Document management frees your information so you can use it to your advantage. Take control of your most valuable asset and manage your company's knowledge with us.

Tuesday Tip - Top 3 Advantages of Using Managed Print Services

Tuesday Tip Introduction: Each Tuesday, we send out an email giving our friends a useful tip they can use to help their business. Not meant to be a sales pitch, Tuesday Tips are designed to benefit you. If you have any suggestions for something you would like to learn, let us know.

Tuesday Tip: When not properly managed, the costs associated with business printing needs can eat up a considerable portion of your budget. For that reason, using managed print services are crucial to successfully conduct business. Professional providers help you monitor and track printing expenses, allowing you to realize economic benefits and achieve your goals.

Advantages of Managed Print Services

Using off-site print services increases workforce productivity, saves space and money, and decreases the amount of waste associated with incorrect or mistaken print jobs. The top three advantages of using managed print services include:

  • Increased workplace efficiency. By outsourcing print jobs, your employees are free to focus on responsibilities and daily tasks rather than waiting for jobs to finish printing.
  • Saving space and money. Office equipment takes up valuable space in your company. In addition, each machine requires accessories for proper operation. Also, repair services are typically needed to maintain the equipment to function properly. Managed print services save you space, allowing you to consolidate or eliminate equipment and reduce related repair and maintenance expenses. In fact, consolidating hardware makes printing costs more predictable.
  • Environmentally friendly contributions. Managed print services utilize sustainable and modernized equipment, producing less waste and using less energy to reduce your company's carbon footprint.

Regardless of the size of your company, managed print services are beneficial. Printing activities take place daily, and reducing the associated costs can significantly improve your bottom line. Furthermore, it enables you to free up your employees to drive strategic initiatives.

Make the Necessary Changes with Document Management

Document Management, Las Vegas

Getting down to business. It's why you show up every day. Using your valuable time shuffling paper from file cabinet to office and then back again is not. A comprehensive Document Management System from Premier Office Systems can help you to:

1. Stop Wasting Valuable Resources
Is your organization wasting space on bulky filing cabinets? Growth results in even more documents, sometimes resulting in expensive off-site storage. With document management, your company can manage all of your information in one efficient, free-flowing collaborative system. Rather than wasting time searching for the latest version of an important file, whether paper or digital, personnel can access, edit, and save files from one secure digital location. And redundantly cached files ensure the version they do find is the latest version.

2. Put the Brakes on Security Threats
Paper documents are constantly at risk of being misplaced, damaged, or lost entirely. Backing up files with one streamlined and secure digital system just makes sense. A document management system goes even further by protecting your sensitive information from outside security threats with access controls and permissions. Additional administrative permissions on specific files can limit access and increase security even further.

3. Commit to a Greener Environment
While it may still be impossible to go completely paperless, document management will drastically decrease your company's carbon footprint. And with many organizations embracing the use of mobile devices into their workplace, it's easier than ever to be environmentally responsible. Document management is one way forward-thinking companies are embracing sustainable, green practices.

If you're ready to say goodbye to inefficient filing cabinets and bulky binders, insecure data storage and resource-wasting paper and ink consumption, contact Premier Office Systems in Las Vegas, Nevada, today!

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