Xerox Scan-to-Email Saves Valuable Time in the Office

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Have you tried using your company's Xerox multifunction printers to send email? The scan-to-email feature found on select Xerox devices and is easy to use and secure.

You may be wondering why anyone would want to send an email from their office multifunction printers when the same function is available on other devices. Here's why.

Scan to Email to Save Time

Xerox multifunction printers with scan-to-email features are valuable time-savers in the office technology line-up.

  • Scan and email hard copy documents without first scanning them to a computer.
  • Scan and email pages from a magazine or book.
  • Email documents saved on the MFP hard drive.
  • Access data saved in document management systems and email directly to colleagues.

How to Use Scan-to-Email

The scan-to-email feature on Xerox multifunction printers is simple to use. Here's a step-by-step look at the process.

  1. Access the contact list already saved on the device or add one or more new recipients.
  2. Choose one or two-sided scanning and create a file name.
  3. Choose a file format from a variety of options. A searchable PDF option is also available.
  4. Select a page layout, size, and resolution.
  5. Select the scan icon. The multifunction printer will create the file and, if selected, run an OCR feature to make the file searchable.
  6. The multifunction printer will create an attachment, and the email will appear in the recipient's inbox within moments.

To find out if a scan-to-email feature is included on your company's Xerox multifunction printers, access the Xerox support page. Your company IT personnel or a system administrator can set up your scan-to-email feature in a few minutes. Once installed, Xerox scan-to-email is a streamlined process that's secure and user-friendly.

Are you using all of the time-saving features found on your Xerox multifunction printers? To find out more, contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

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