Tuesday Tip: What’s So Great About Xerox Managed Print Services?

Tuesday Tips

“Why do I need Managed Print Services? There’s nothing wrong with how people print in my office. It’s not like it’s some complicated procedure.”

These thoughts may run through your head when you hear about Xerox Managed Print Services. This line of thinking is certainly understandable. However, a lot more may go into your printing processes than you realize. And it could cost your business a lot of money and resources.

The Hidden Costs of Printing

For many companies, printing costs constitute one of the most neglected parts of their overhead. When you’re busy dealing with day-to-day tasks, you may not have time to think about:

  • Whether some printers are being used more than others
  • How much you spend on printing supplies
  • How downtime caused by equipment issues affects your productivity
  • How much wasteful printing impacts your budget and your carbon footprint

If you decide to use in-house staff to track these issues, it can divert energy and attention away from more profit-driving activities. This could keep your business from growing as much as it could.

How Managed Print Services Helps

With Xerox Managed Print Services, you can fine-tune your printing solution with minimal effort:

  • You can reduce your printing costs by 25% or more
  • You can set restrictions on your devices to prevent waste
  • You can avoid costly device problems or resolve them quickly
  • You can free up your staff to focus on more important duties
  • You can make your workplace more environmentally conscientious

Managed Print Services help you take the complications out of your printing practices. You can go about your day and trust that everything is running smoothly.

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Improve Employee and Customer Satisfaction with Document Management

Document Management Las Vegas

When it comes to electronic document management, you may already be aware of the benefits to your Las Vegas business. From increased efficiency to improved access to documents, the benefits to your company can't be missed. However, document management also provides some real benefits to both employees and customers.

Making the Transition Easier for Employees

Selling a new technology to your staff can be difficult. They're familiar and comfortable with established procedures, and new systems can make life difficult, at least for a while.

Taking the time to provide adequate training and allowing employees to get used to your new document management system is critical. It won't be long until the system speaks for itself and the benefits become obvious.

  • Faster and easier completion of projects due to improved collaboration and the option to work remotely.
  • Streamlined daily processes through integration with existing programs and applications.
  • Easier archiving and retrieval of documents and the elimination of cumbersome and time-wasting paper processes.
  • Faster response to client inquiries, improving customer service and employee job satisfaction at the same time.

Customer Benefits

Your customers may at first be reluctant to sign on for paperless processes, but as more and more companies offer features like electronic billing and automatic payments, the idea is catching on fast.

Customers begin to appreciate less paper to deal with each month, and knowing their bill is taken care of electronically and automatically soon becomes the new norm. After experiencing electronic billing, very few customers want to return to paper. From increased security to a reduced need for paper document storage systems, your paperless processes are a real benefit to your customers.

To discover more ways document management software can help your Las Vegas business improve both employee and customer satisfaction, contact us at Premier Office Systems today! We can help make the transition a smooth one for everyone involved.

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Tuesday Tip: Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

Tuesday Tip

The terms "cloud" and "cloud storage" are ubiquitous with technology these days. Most people are familiar with iPhone's famous iCloud as well as other cloud-based storage options for data, such as DropBox. But what exactly is the cloud and how can it help your business?

Is the Cloud Real?

According to tech site Mashable, "the cloud is not a physical thing... [it] is a network of servers, and each server has a different function." (Mashable) These functions include running an application or delivering a service, which allows you to access or store data over the Internet.

How the Cloud Works

So, if the cloud is abstract, how does it save your data? The cloud allows you to store, manage, and back up data remotely. Because information is stored remotely, you can access it over the Internet, from anywhere using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Beyond personal use, employing cloud-based storage for your business is a much larger endeavor.

Cloud Storage Pros

There are many benefits of cloud storage, including * scaleability: use only what you need -- a lot or a little * cost savings: no need to buy your own hardware; pay for only what you use. * easy-access: cloud allows you to access data--that previously required a computer or physical server--over the Internet * automatic backup: program backups to occur as often as you need * less worry: hard drive crashes are no longer filled with terror since everything is already backed up

Black Cloud?

With so many obvious advantages, are there any cons to using cloud-based storage? The most common concerns about of cloud storage center around security. Since data is stored and managed by a third-party vendor, security breaches and cyber attacks are a real possibility. If security is your primary concern, be sure to thoroughly research and vet cloud storage providers before choosing one for your business. Some other sticking points include the need for a high-speed connection in order to back up large amounts of data, and the concern over costs. The pay-for-use scale can be a benefit or deterrent for companies depending on size, needs, and budget.

Overall, cloud-based storage is here and seems to be the future of data storage!

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Tuesday Tip

Do You Know What You’re Spending to Print Documents?

Las Vegas Managed Print Services

With up 20% of print costs hidden, most companies are not only unsure how much they spend on document production, they have no effective way to reduce print costs. With many organizations spending up to 6% of annual revenues on printing, it makes sense to find a solution that works.

The Managed Print Services Solution

A managed print services provider can help your company not only gain better visibility of your current print spend, they can help you reduce your current costs by 30% to 60%! Here are just a few of the many advantages:

Reduced Costs

Receive enlightening data showing exactly what is being spent on printing, and where. From there, you'll have a clear way forward, not only to reduce printing costs, but to optimize the workflows in which your imaging devices play a key role.

Optimized Workflows

It doesn't matter how many sophisticated print and imaging devices your company has at their disposal if the technology isn't being used to its best advantage. A managed print services provider can help you use your devices at their optimum performance levels, improving daily workflows and getting a better return on your investment.

Better Use of IT Staff

Your probably didn't select your IT staff so they could spend most of the day loading print cartridges, updating drivers and clearing paper jams. A managed print services provider will take over these and other tasks so your IT staff can get back to the value-added projects you hired them to do.

More Important Benefits

In addition to reduced costs and improved workflows, managed print services can help you improve in other critical areas.

  • Keep unauthorized users from accessing data in multifunction printers.
  • Secure and improve your mobile and BYOD print solutions.
  • Improve your environmental impact by cutting back on unnecessary printing and wasted power.

To find out even more ways your Las Vegas company can benefit from a managed print services solution, get in touch with us at Premier Office Systems today!

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Tuesday Tip: Top Five Tips for Wi-Fi Security

Tuesday Tips

These days, almost all public spaces -- especially coffee shops and restaurants -- offer free wireless access to customers. While free Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspots may seem like little gifts from Internet heaven, it is important to be vigilant when using them.

Just as Wi-Fi hotspot use has increased, so have related cyber-security breaches and thefts. Criminals stay abreast of technology so they can steal your data without you even realizing it.

Five critical points to keep you safe while working on a Wi-Fi network:

  • Don't use a Wi-Fi network or hotspot that is not password protected. Many places now have guest network/password options for customers and clients.
  • If you are using a public network, do not access proprietary or sensitive information.
  • When accessing Wi-Fi from your laptop, select the "public" setting on your computer, which will block print and file sharing.
  • When using public Wi-Fi, never access your bank information or carry out financial transactions.
  • Do not take advantage of password saving/storing options on your Internet browser.

If you need to work in a public space or access private files on Wi-Fi, consider:

  • Paying to use a secure, password-protected network.
  • Accessing files via Virtual Private Network. VPN essentially extends a private network connection over the Internet, enabling you to send and receive data as if you were connected directly to your office's secure private network.
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Tuesday Tip

Go Green With Document Management

Las Vegas Document Management

Finding ways to go green in your Las Vegas offices isn't as difficult as it used to be. Environmentally-friendly options used to be inconvenient and expensive, but new innovations in technology have changed all of that. Now the green office choice is the one that brings about greater productivity, improved workflows and yes, cost savings you can count on.

Why Going Green Matters

Even with increased awareness surrounding environmental issues, we're still not doing a very good job of conserving our natural resources. Consider these sobering figures:

  • 95%— The percentage of business documentation still printed on paper.
  • 700 pounds— The average amount of paper each American uses on an annual basis.
  • 1.5 pounds— The paper wasted each day by the average company, per employee, per day in the United States.
  • 30%— Our piece of the world's pie when it comes to paper consumption.
  • 4 million tons— The sheer volume of office paper we throw away every year in the United States.
  • 1 billion— That 4 million tons of paper? It represents a staggering 1 billion trees.

Clearly we can do better than this. The answer lies not in giving up due to the enormity of the problem, but in each of us taking the small but significant steps required to make a real difference.

The Document Management Solution

What if there was a way to help your company bring about dramatic changes in your day-to-day workflows while also helping to protect the environment? A document management solution can do just that. As a growing part of the world's green IT movement, document scanning can help your company bring about a drastic reduction in paper consumption.

Document management also means your company can benefit from automated processes and streamlined digital document storage solutions that can help you save both time and money.

To find out more ways your Las Vegas business can go green with document management, contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

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Tuesday Tips: 4 Steps to Data Destruction

Tuesday Tips

As technology continues to develop at a rapid rate, businesses must try and keep up with the latest offerings. But, part of upgrading to new equipment and software is properly disposing of your old systems. Here we want to offer helpful information to keep you safe and legal.

  1. Shredding

    Shredding is not just for paper documents. Computer hard drives contain tons of proprietary information, which must be protected. Simply deleting files is not enough. Shredding is the most effective way to do this. The hard drive is shredded down into metal scraps ensuring that any data left on them cannot be recovered.

  2. Keep it Legal

    Federal laws, namely the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act, require businesses to legally protect confidential information. This applies to electronic and hard copy data pertaining to your employees, customers, suppliers, vendors, etc. Enlisting the help of a professional service ensures legal compliance and makes the process much easier. Failure to comply with laws can result in steep fines or incarceration.

  3. Physical Waste

    Beyond destroying data and information, there are laws governing the disposal of electronic equipment, particularly monitors. Hazardous Waste Regulations and electronic equipment guidelines require the use of a certified provider to properly dispose of old monitors, which contain "hazardous materials."

  4. Protect Yourself

    Be sure to do proper research before upgrading to new hardware or software. Information theft is costly and dangerous. Don't guess at the best way to destroy data -- be sure that you have a proper plan in place to ensure legal compliance and information protection.

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Tuesday Tip

Selecting the Right Office Equipment: Printers

Las Vegas Office Equipment

Choosing the right office equipment for your Las Vegas business involves a lot of advanced planning and careful decision making. The best office equipment the industry has to offer can help you improve productivity while keeping costs in check. Your office printers and copiers are no exception.

What Are Your Requirements?

Getting out your clipboard and taking a careful assessment of your company's day-to-day requirements is a good starting point when choosing the best printer for your needs.

  1. Is a multifunction printer a good option? Your staff may be able to bring about vast improvements in productivity with the addition of a multifunction printer. These office workhorses feature copy, print, scan and fax in one sleek device. From the ability to direct documents directly into workflows to advanced finishing techniques and plenty of power, multifunction printers offer an exceptional return on investment.
  2. How big is your workload? A small desktop printer can suffice if you're a one or two-person operation printing just a dozen or so documents each day. A company with larger workgroups and big printing demands will need a printer that can keep up. Look for advanced power and speed along with paper trays that can handle large quantities to keep interruptions to a minimum.
  3. Color or black and white? If most of your documents involve inter-office communications, you probably won't need a color printer. If you'd like to print your own promotional materials in-house, however, a high-quality color printer is a must.

Quality Matters

Don't be swayed by low sticker prices and too-good-to-be-true introductory offers. Low-end printers often use up ink and toner at alarming rates, require more repairs, and usually end up costing more in the long run. Choose your printers and copiers from reputable companies offering quality office equipment with warranties you can trust.

For help choosing the right office equipment for your Las Vegas business, contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

Laser Printers Las Vegas

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Tuesday Tips: 10 Tips for Data Security

Data Security

We are living in an online world- at work, at home, and everywhere else due to smartphones. Our highly connected world offers real-time convenience, but it also leaves us vulnerable to attacks. It is critically important to protect your organization from cyber criminals and security breaches.

Here are the top 10 most important tips and tricks to keep your business safe. Some of these may sound obvious, but it often the simplest things are inadvertently overlooked in lieu of the big picture.

  • Be sure you have a security plan in place as well as security-specific line items in your budget.

  • Educate employees on cyber security. Spending money on proper training can save you time and money in the long run.

  • Take advantage of popular anti-virus and encryption tools; pay attention to infection alerts.

  • Regularly update your operating system, security software, and anti-virus security.

  • Use caution with email--be wary of messages from unknown sources and don't open suspicious attachments.

  • Enlist the help of firewalls and anti-spam software.

  • Be sure to regularly back up your computer and store it to an off-site or backup server. This can be programmed to occur automatically.

  • Stay abreast of the latest technology--Cloud-based storage services are hot and can really help secure your data.

  • Practice safe computing. Think you've been hacked? Report the incident and change your passwords.

  • Remember that security extends beyond the laptop. With telecommuting and mobile devices it is imperative that your data is secure across all platforms.

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Tuesday Tip

Do You Need a Mobile Printing Solution?

Las Vegas Mobile Printing

If your Las Vegas business is like most, mobile printing has become your newest business imperative. With record numbers of employees preferring their own devices over company-issued electronics and many working remotely, a mobile printing solution that works is more important than ever.

Mobile Printing Advantages

If your current office printer technology isn't keeping up, it's time to replace outdated printing infrastructures with cloud-based solutions that meet today's demands.

  • Cost savings. You'll be glad to hear that an effective mobile printing solution won't require a large upfront capital investment. With no heavy lifting or expensive IT infrastructure to build, mobile printing is one of the easiest tech upgrades to sign onto.
  • Poised for growth. Don't worry that your mobile printing investment today will be money down the drain tomorrow. Mobile printing systems are extremely scalable, making it easy to respond as your business grows.
  • A happier IT team. Inherently easy to set up, and with low maintenance requirements, your IT team will appreciate the decrease in help-desk tickets that naturally follows a mobile printing initiative.
  • Satisfied employees. If there's anything more frustrating than printers that can't complete assigned tasks, we're not sure what it is. One of the advantages of mobile printing is that it solves the printer issues that are often the bane of daily office life.

Do You Need a Mobile Printing Solution?

Determining whether your organization needs a mobile printing solution is the first step in the decision-making process.

  1. Are you currently experiencing issues that make connecting to your existing print infrastructure a problem for employees?
  2. Are a sizable number of your employees classified as remote or work-from-home employees?
  3. Are some of your employees currently using (or clamoring to use) their own mobile devices for work?
  4. Are you concerned about security during printing?

To learn more about mobile printing solutions and how your company can benefit, contact us at Premier Office Systems in Las Vegas today.

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