Leverage the Power of Smart Multifunction Printers

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The newest generation of multifunction printers go beyond combining copy, print, fax, and scan into one efficient multifunctional device. Advances in technology offer capabilities to streamline office processes, save time and money, and increase security.

Integrated Tools

Embedded technologies help organizations achieve increased productivity. Documents scanned into a multifunction printer can be automatically routed to the correct department, speeding up processes like approvals and invoicing. Printing can be eliminated completely, avoiding time consuming paper processes and the errors and delays that follow when information has to be rekeyed into back-end systems.

Intelligent Information Capturing

Intelligent information-capturing software can help companies route information from multiple sources. Paper documents can be digitized, and information from unstructured sources like email and the internet can be captured and made an integral part of established business processes.

User-Friendly Interfaces

Programmable touch screen displays allow for customized processes with the touch of a finger. Automatically route documents to their designated departments for fast approvals, electronic signatures, and intelligent information sharing.

Enhanced Security

Don't leave security to chance.

  • Smart multifunction printers can help companies meet regulatory requirements for privacy, protect company and client information, and keep unauthorized users from accessing printed documents.

  • Passwords and access cards prevent unauthorized access to multifunction printers and the information they collect.

  • Hold print jobs until they are released by the owner. This prevents sensitive information from sitting unguarded in print trays.

  • Advanced encryption capabilities prevent hackers from accessing information as it's moving to or from the multifunction printer. Data is safely held in internal hard drives until it's released by the user, then erased when it's no longer needed.

Superior Results

Smart multifunction printers offer sharp text and superior color printing. Some models include advanced color matching capabilities to ensure consistency for marketing literature, branding, and company product specifications. Advanced finishing techniques like folding, collating, hole punching, stapling, and stitching allow companies to achieve professional results without expensive outsourcing.

If your company is ready to leverage the power of the new generation of smart multifunction printers, contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

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Tuesday Tip - BYOD is Easy with Xerox

Las Vegas Office Equipment

Not surprisingly, the newest trend in mobile device usage is BYOD (bring your own device) to the workplace. This new growth is not expected to stall, and experts predict that 50% of workers will be using their personally owned devices in the workplace by 2017. Familiarity and ease of use are cited as top reasons, as employees embrace mobile functionality at work and home.

Businesses have had to prepare for the increasing rise in BYOD users, facing new IT challenges, including the need for secure mobile printing. Employees expect to not only have access to business information at any time and location, they expect to be able to print needed documents without hindrance. In fact, TechNavio cites printing as the feature most requested in mobile devices.

Finding the Perfect Solution

Finding the right mobile printing solution requires a little forethought and discussion.

  • Printing should be user-friendly, with simple printing solutions that work across the enterprise, including guest printing.

  • Your mobile printing solution should be flexible enough to work with any printer at any location.

  • Easy integration with existing infrastructures and software is a top priority.

  • Your mobile printing solution should include tracking and management features for easy accounting of print jobs from mobile devices, both on-site and off.

  • Security during mobile printing is critical, and your software should protect sensitive information during all phases of printing, including holding jobs in a queue until the owner releases them.

Enter the Xerox Mobile Print Solution

Print securely and efficiently from anywhere to nearly any printer without burdening staff or causing IT headaches. These simple steps show just how easy it is to use Xerox Mobile Print.

  1. Open in Print Portal
  2. Find the printers near you.
  3. Choose the printer you'd like to use.
  4. Preview your document.
  5. Choose your print settings.
  6. Print.
  7. Retrieve your prints at a non-Xerox or Xerox printer.

We hope you learned just how simple it is to gain secure and efficient mobile printing with Xerox, have a great Tuesday!

Is Managed Print Services Right for Your Business?

Las Vegas Managed Print Services

Have you been wondering if your business is a good candidate for managed print services? It may seem like handling a few printers and copiers in-house isn't that difficult, and can be passed off to a few members of your office staff or IT team, but that's not often the case. If you've been hesitant about outsourcing your print infrastructure to a managed print services provider, it can help to consider a few basic questions.

1. Got Printers?

You may think your office doesn't have enough printers and copiers to justify outsourcing. The truth is, if you've got 3 or more printers or other types of printing technology in your offices, you're a good candidate for managed print services. Who wouldn't benefit with great results like reduced printing costs, fewer equipment downtimes, optimized workflows, and one predictable monthly bill for all of your printing needs?

2. Do You Have a Clearly Defined Print Strategy?

With projects and deadlines always looming, print management often takes a back seat out of sheer necessity. Nevertheless, your printers and copiers are tools you rely upon. If they fail (when they fail), it falls on someone's shoulders to remedy the situation as quickly as possible so everyone can get back to work. Whoever that someone is in your office, it's likely they have other work to do.

Managed print services providers are experts at what they do. They can monitor and manage your printing fleet, so your staff can get back to their real jobs.

3. Do You Know How Much You're Spending?

Most businesses have no clear way to track print spending, so a cost assessment from a managed services provider is often a real eye opener. With managed print services, your company will benefit from a predictable, controlled print budget, saving up to 30% in the process. With an MPS assessment, you'll find out your total cost of ownership and learn how an expertly managed print infrastructure can result in big savings across your organization.

To learn more ways managed print services can benefit your company, contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

Tuesday Tip - Optimize Your Office Print Practices

Managed Print Services

If your company is looking for ways to optimize workflow and save money, look no further than Managed Print Services.

How much do you really spend on printing?

Most companies spend about 3% of their total revenue on printing because of an unmanaged print environment. With no way to evaluate just where those revenues are going, there's little a company can expect to accomplish when attempting to reduce that number. That's where Managed Print Services comes in.

Remote tracking of printing practices. Identifying printing practices for each department and user within your organization will allow for areas of waste to be identified, and changes to be addressed.

Remote monitoring of supplies. Maintaining supplies for a fleet of office printers can be a full-time job. One of the benefits of managed print services is that printer and copier supplies are monitored and, when a shortage is looming, the amount you need is automatically shipped to your location. Say goodbye to bulky storage cabinets, emergency trips to the office supply store, and interrupted workflow.

Reduce printer downtime. Remote monitoring of your fleet alerts our experts of potential problems before they affect your operations. A technician is sent to address the issue—often before you're even aware of the problem.

Eliminate redundant equipment. By analyzing your total print environment, including devices, duplicate equipment will be identified, cutting down on operational and energy costs. You'll enjoy the benefit of the best possible use out of the devices you already own.

Free up IT personnel. You probably didn't hire your innovative IT team to spend all day troubleshooting a malfunctioning printer. Our experts will handle printer issues so your IT professionals can focus on their primary tasks.

Budget control. With one set price for printer maintenance and supplies, accurate budget forecasting will eliminate surprises and free up revenues for primary business goals.

Now is a good time.

Are you ready to gain a clear picture of your print infrastructure with Managed Print Services, saving up to 30% in print costs in the process?

Managed Print Services—What is It, and What Are the Benefits?

Managed Print Services

Managed print services is the new go-to solution for businesses looking for ways to save money and increase productivity. By outsourcing their print infrastructure, companies benefit by gaining a clear picture of their total print spending. The result? Reduced costs, enhanced security during printing, and improved productivity through optimized devices and simplified workflows.

Save Money

Did you know that most businesses can only account for an estimated 20% of their total printing costs? That means a full 80% of print-related expenses are invisible. From under-the-radar spending on consumables to unknown day-to-day print volumes, most companies simply do not have the time or the manpower to account for and control their print spend. But we have some good news for you! The average savings realized through managed print services is 30%, with some businesses saving significantly more than that.

Improve Productivity

  • Your managed print services provider will take care of routine printer maintenance and repair, freeing up your staff to do their real jobs. With remote monitoring of devices, your office will experience fewer downtimes and the resulting losses in productivity.

  • Remote monitoring also includes alerts when toner is getting low. With automatic reordering of consumables, projects aren't put on hold due to shortages, and there's no need to maintain inventories and messy supply closets.

  • Managed print services can help your business turn cumbersome paper-based processes into streamlined, digital workflows, making everyone's job easier.

Enhance Security

Security during printing is an area of concern for all businesses, especially those with remote and mobile workforces. Managed print services can help your organization identify and correct areas where print security is an issue.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Managed printing is green printing. Managed print services can help your company identify and correct wasteful printing practices, resulting in fewer pages printed, reduced post-consumer waste, and greener energy practices.

To learn more about how managed print services works and how it can help your company grow, contact Premier Office Systems today!

Tuesday Tips - The Productivity of Multifunction

Las Vegas Office Equipment

Many businesses have turned to multifunction printers as a way to cut costs and boost productivity. Multifunction printers live up to their name by performing the tasks of several machines in one, most combining the functions of a printer, fax machine, scanner, and copier.

These devices range in size from desktop models to large floor models. They're perfect for the small business looking to save space as well as the large organization hoping to enhance productivity. With flexibility and a wide range of features, there's a multifunction printer for everyone.

Office Productivity and the MFP

Businesses choose multifunction printers for many reasons, including saving space, reducing wasted time, and going green. Every business is unique, but the reasons for choosing multifunction printers are often the same. Here are just a few of them.

  1. Saving office space. For the small or home business, a multifunction printer can dramatically reduce wasted space by combining needed functions into one machine. Rather than housing several devices, you can reap the benefits of high-quality technology with a small footprint. This is perfect
  2. Consolidating functions and ordering. When an employee has to go from one device to another around the office just to finish one print job, it can be frustrating and waste time. In addition, different machines will have different suppliers and manufacturers, making ordering supplies and getting support difficult. Consolidating these functions can significantly reduce the headache of managing devices.
  3. Saving time. A multifunction printer is a powerful, fast one stop shop for all things printing in your office. Rather than waiting for old or inefficient machines to finish a job, you can hit a few buttons on your multifunction printer and watch the work do itself. With finishing options like stapling and booklet making, you'll save a significant amount of time.

Multifunction printers are an excellent choice for businesses looking to save time, space and to incease productivity!

Organize & Access Knowledge with Document Management: Part 2

Document Management

If you've been trying to organize your company's documents on your own, you already know how difficult that can be. It doesn't take long for an organization of any size to accumulate thousands of documents, and managing them can turn into a full-time job.

Studies show that printed documents are lost at a rate of 15%, with employees spending 1/3 of their time searching for them. Executives waste an estimated six weeks out of every year just trying to find lost documentation. A secure and sophisticated document management system makes document retrieval fast and simple.

How a Document Management System Locates Files

  • When saving a document using a DMS, summary information about the document is added, which is then saved to a database. The information in this database helps the document management system understand where to file similar documents, naming and storing documents based upon established conventions within your organization.

  • Search and retrieval are fast and easy because a document management system uses any information saved to locate documents. Browse through recently created documents, locate by a particular author, or search through a specified date range.

  • Documents can be protected from unauthorized access during creation. Access permissions can be added to the document profile specifying who can read, edit, or delete a document.

Better Regulatory Compliance

One of the reasons businesses feel compelled to keep so much documentation is due to potential legal liability, government compliance, and/or audits. Documents stored on paper are not only difficult to find, they're in danger of loss through misfiling, theft, or damage. A document management system helps businesses comply with regulatory measures like HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and Sarbanes-Oxley (Corporate and Auditing Accountability and Responsibility Act).

A good document management system is well within the reach of small to medium businesses, and can help your company improve productivity. To learn more contact Premier Office Systems today!

Tuesday Tip - Sustainability Starts Here

Document Management Las Vegas

Today's technology keeps us connected in ways we perhaps never dreamed of before. The world feels smaller today, and many organizations are responding to this by becoming better global citizens. Going green is one of the best ways for a company to give back to the community and the world, and is vital to our earth's health.

It's a daunting commitment, however. Business leaders often feel lost when it comes to going green because it seems like green business is incompatible with a healthy bottom line. With document management, reducing your environmental impact is not only easy, it's also cost-effective. You can save money while helping the environment; ultimately, green business is good business.

Green Business = Good Business

Every year, around one billion trees are thrown away in paper in the U.S. This number is astounding, but when you realize that 95% of business information is still stored on paper, it makes sense. What companies don't realize is that this information storage is not only wasteful, it's also costing you money.

Simply put, paper documents are hard to access, easy to lose, and inefficient to store. When your company wastes valuable time looking for information or valuable storage space keeping paper documents, it hurts your bottom line. A main maxim of environmental consciousness is to reduce waste, which is just good business.

Document Management = Green

By saving time, space, and consumables, document management can help reduce your company's environmental impact and save you money. Join us in a commitment to a greener world.

Organize & Access Knowledge with Document Management: Part I

Document Management

Finding the information you need, when you need it, can be a challenge—even within your organization. There may have been a time, at the very start of your business, when your only documents were tucked neatly away in paper and computer filing systems that everyone understood. As business grows, however, documents have a way of multiplying rapidly and can overwhelm filing systems. A document management system can turn chaos into efficiency, improving workflows by putting your company's collective knowledge where it needs to be—at your fingertips.

A Powerful Way to Store and Share Information

The way we share information is increasing at a rapid pace. We email, broadcast, publish online, and collaborate on information that becomes part of our company's knowledge base. Creating and collecting documents without effective ways to store, retrieve, and share them means we miss opportunities to gain from what we've learned. A document management system includes powerful keyword search and retrieval tools, putting files and other information literally at your fingertips.

Intelligent Document Management

A document management system gathers intelligence and then names and stores documents based upon standardized conventions. Attempts to do this on a paper or computer filing systems are flawed because it's difficult to get consistency among users. A good document management system also offers the following features:

  • Access control allows users to define who can read, edit or delete a file. To bypass established parameters, a helpdesk call is required for access.

  • Document check-in and check-out shows not only that a document has been opened, but when it was checked out and who is using it. Also, the system gives the reason for accessing the file, and when the user plans to finish with the document.

  • Document comparison highlights changes to a document during the editing phase, comparing the edited version with the original.

  • Automatic routing of files from one user to the next makes for faster approvals and collaboration.

  • Quickly save emails to your document management system and associate any subsequent comments and feedback you receive.

Put the power of an effective document management system at your company's fingertips. Contact us at Premier Office Systems today!

Tuesday Tip - Avoid Burning Your Budget with Managed Print

Managed Print Services

Did you know that your company is more than likely losing money to the endless sinkhole of printing? That's not a happy thought, but how can you know for sure it's happening? Obviously, the answer to that question is worth pursuing. Time and money are on the line.

Who is going to do this research to find out what is happening in your printing environment?

  1. You have a business to run

  2. Your staff have their plates full

If researching the details of your printing costs is not your forte, then our Managed Print Services is where you can turn for help.

What Managed Print Services Do

  • Our desire is to efficiently discover where you are now, and where you could be after the problems are fixed

  • We carefully assess and track your printing processes and costs

  • We determine where you could be saving money

  • We present the steps you need to take to cut those costs

  • We'll show you how to avoid the bad habits of spending in the future

What do you get in return for our services?

  • We could save you up to 30% in finances -- well worth the investment.

  • You have the time to work on your day-to-day pressing needs without having to undergo all the analyzing and research that our team can complete.

  • Find out how you can avoid supply costs.

  • Find out how you can avoid maintenance costs.

  • With our guidance, you will avoid unnecessary printing costs in the future and begin new, money-saving habits.

Thanks for reading!

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