Improve Office Productivity

Man standing with arms crossed in front of a copier

Xerox copiers keep you productive

For decades, office technology has been a bottleneck in getting things done around the office. Times have changed, the bottlenecks are gone, and now Xerox can accelerate your workflow and help you work smarter. Here are just a few ways that we can make your office more productive:

  • Technology and services that enable your support team to manage your business while we manage your laser printers and copiers
  • Remote Control Panel for real-time training and troubleshooting
  • Common interface for all copiers
  • Use a single print driver for all devices, regardless of manufacturer
  • Integrate your multifunction printers to get documents to and from SharePoint or whatever document repository you use
  • Turn paper documents into electronic workflows with document scanning
  • Allowing you to print from any device
  • Scan documents to your local or cloud repositories
  • Use custom scan and user features with existing login or ID card systems
  • Video jam clearance and illuminated paper path gets you back working quickly
  • Multi-tasking capability allows you to scan, print, and copy at the same time
  • Forward faxes automatically to email where they are secure and easy to share
  • Create and find searchable pdf documents with ease.

We also make your IT department more productive with features like:

  • Remote Control Panel allows troubleshooting from anywhere
  • Support requests minimized by Online Support and Embedded Help Videos for users
  • Copiers connect wirelessly to reduce infrastructure costs
  • Device cloning
  • Global Print Driver allows you to support just 1 print driver for the entire fleet, regardless of manufacturer.
  • Common ConnectKey controller used on extensive office product line means less user support needed

We help offices in Las Vegas work smarter. Click here to take the first step in discussing how your office could be more efficient.