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Documents are unwieldy beasts in the office. You have to capture, contact, store, organization, secure, and organize them on a regular basis. This takes manpower, money, and time, and you've probably already experienced that these resources can be in short supply in any company.

Tuesday Tip: Take Your Documents Digital

Tuesday Tips

Some organizations can take a certain comfort or sense of security from handling paper files. In a way, this makes sense. After all, people have used physical documents of some form or another for centuries.

However, that sense of security can prove deceptive. Thanks to technological advances such as document management software, converting your paper documents to electronic formats can help ensure that things run smoothly in your office. Here are some reasons why you should consider going digital with your documents.

Meet Compliance Challenges with Document Management

Document Management

It's no secret that healthcare compliance mandates have become stricter and more complex in recent years. Healthcare and insurance providers have little choice but to do everything they can to stay compliant without sacrificing their first priority—their patients and customers.

Improve Employee and Customer Satisfaction with Document Management

Document Management Las Vegas

When it comes to electronic document management, you may already be aware of the benefits to your Las Vegas business. From increased efficiency to improved access to documents, the benefits to your company can't be missed. However, document management also provides some real benefits to both employees and customers.

Go Green With Document Management

Las Vegas Document Management

Finding ways to go green in your Las Vegas offices isn't as difficult as it used to be. Environmentally-friendly options used to be inconvenient and expensive, but new innovations in technology have changed all of that. Now the green office choice is the one that brings about greater productivity, improved workflows and yes, cost savings you can count on.

Why Going Green Matters

Even with increased awareness surrounding environmental issues, we're still not doing a very good job of conserving our natural resources. Consider these sobering figures:

Preserve Family Photos with a Scanner

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We all have them—boxes and albums full of photos that need to be restored, categorized, and shared. Thankfully, advances in technology make this a task anyone can handle with great results. With a little practice, you'll become proficient at creating and editing digital photos so you can preserve your own family's history.

Tuesday Tips - Digitize Your Documents with Ease

Las Vegas Document Management

The advantages of going paperless have many businesses flocking to join the no-paper movement. But others are hesitant: after all, paper has been an office staple for hundreds of years, and changing the entire structure of workflow isn't a challenge to take on lightly. Going paperless isn't as hard as it sounds, and once you've done the initial legwork, you'll reap benefits for years to come.

The basic steps you'll need to take to go paperless are:

Paper Saving Tips You Can Really Use

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Despite ongoing campaigns to reduce, reuse, and recycle, paper consumption is higher than ever, with the average office worker using up to 10,000 sheets per year. With a little forethought and extra effort, it's possible for each of us to drastically reduce that number. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Revolutionize Your Paper Filing System with DocuWare's Web-based Intelligent Indexing Service


Manual document filing is not only time consuming; it presents numerous opportunities for error during data entry. DocuWare's Web-Based Intelligent Indexing can revolutionize paper filing, saving businesses time and resources. Especially useful for small businesses with a variety of documents in smaller volumes, DocuWare delivers big returns for companies seeking new ways to streamline filing processes through a document management system.

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